We once had a really good chat about the best cheap thing you ever bought — I totally bought some good cheap stuff after reading it! — and now I want to know the other side of the coin (no pun intended). What have you bought that you then promptly regretted — the funnier the better? I mean, I also want to know if you bought a boat or whatever and then realized you hate the sea, and I happily tell the story of the time I came home from a party that had open-bar aperol spritzes and purchased a NON-RETURNABLE CHANEL BAG (!!!!!!!) because Joy Bryant was also at the party and she had one (I sold it and got my money back, don’t worry. But don’t drink and shop), but I’m thinking more about the time you were suffering from mad insomnia and bought $500 worth of salad spinners on QVC. Tell us your tale of silly shopping woe!