Gina is promoting Something Great, Netflix’s newest rom-com, which The Atlantic called “fizzy, frivolous, and probably easily forgotten, but for a weekend-friendly jolt of entertainment, rom-com fans could do far worse.” Sold. I am fine with ALL of those F words; I don’t need a rom-com to burn itself on my brain in order to appreciate the hours I pass with it, especially if said hours are on a plane and I am trying to preserve all the battery life in my devices in case we get stuck on the tarmac for hours and hours (you NEVER KNOW). The review makes it sound like the movie commits to its female leads as the drivers of the action, and it’s from a female director, and I appreciate Netflix for that and for serving fans of a genre that the big-screen studios don’t seem to care about right now. Perhaps if all rom-coms interconnected as part of a big 22-movie endgame, people would care.

Having said that, the ex-boyfriend in this breakup film (not a spoiler; I believe that’s the entire hook) is played by Lakeith Stanfield, and he didn’t appear to attend this event. WOE IS US, because he always turns it out sartorially. Still, Gina’s female co-stars are present and they didn’t hold back. I have notes on all of them, naturally, but I’m mostly chewing on whether Gina’s is the best use of that striking fabric. Well, that, and chocolate eggs.

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