Amusingly, both the beans have developed an aversion to distressed jeans. If the pants have holes in them, they won’t wear them, no matter how hard The Gap worked to put those things in there. So I showed them this photo of Julianne doing her errands in a pair of derelicte leggings, expecting them to sympathize with my horror, and instead Liam said, “Well, the pants go very well with her shirt. I’m very impressed.” What?!? ET TU, LIAM?

She has basically taken Bella Hadid’s grocery-store spandex and given it craters. There might be chafing happening. Her sandals and even her cardi-caftan — caftanigan? — deserve so much better than leggings that may have run afoul of feral cats, or wolves, or a swarm of moths. Liam will learn (TRUST), but WILL SHE? Hopefully it won’t take an unfortunate Swiss Cheese sunburn to show her the light.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]