Cardi B is accused of throwing bottles and I believe a hookah at some strip-club bartenders whom she alleges hooked up with her husband (no word on whether she threw anything at him other than a short-lived divorce threat, but Cardi… as they say, the call may be coming from inside the house?). It is indisputable that this is not acceptable — she’s 26, not 6 — but I have to give her props for swanning into that courtroom serving some dramatic Jenndashian realness. I genuinely looked twice to make sure it wasn’t Kylie (the French fry nails gave it away first). This outfit says, “Hello, Your Honor. I’m taking this extremely seriously, but I also just came from an important meeting, and I have another important meeting after this, because I am a serious person who schedules a lot of important meetings and definitely does not use other women for hookah target practice. I also use my nails to get olives out of the bottom of the jar, but that’s not relevant right now.”

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]