I had a positive reaction to this at first, until, like an NFL quarterback, I went through my progressions.

1. This looks nice on her, and it’s got a hint of sparkle, and as usual her skin is a timeless wonder. But wait…

2. … actually, her makeup, though soft and pretty, doesn’t seem to match the formality of the dress…

3. … and the design isn’t uninteresting, but wow, it strongly resembles the back of a mannequin at Macy’s, where the employees use random hair clips to make the clothes look like they fit.

4. Ugh, nobody’s open downfield. I’ll just check down to my running back and dump it off and hope we get a couple yards before we can try again on the next play.

Your thoughts?

  • Perfect! I love it. TOUCHDOWN. (9%, 363 Votes)
  • It's NOT perfect, but it doesn't bother me much, either. Call it a 20-yard gain over the middle. (42%, 1,700 Votes)
  • It needs some adjustments but we've got good bones. That's an eight-yard gain setting up second-and-short. (32%, 1,293 Votes)
  • Nooooo. SACK. FUMBLE. TD THE OTHER WAY. (16%, 648 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,004

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