For real, has ANYONE been more loyal to one designer for longer than Jennifer Connelly has to Louis Vuitton? Even spokesperson Alicia Vikander switches it up, but I can’t remember the last time Jennifer DIDN’T wear LV to a major red carpet event. Fortunately for her, though it’s hit or miss, the aesthetic at least appears to be a better match than the Lawrence/Dior marriage.

Here’s her latest:

I wasn’t sure what I made of this at first; something the sleeve on the right is doing looks almost reptilian or alien. It’s the creasing, I think. But I also think the whole outfit NEEDS the touch of volume provided by that little poncho/valance. A drop-waist snug bodice feels too dated on its own.

The slit on that sort is major, but right now she’s working it with a minimum of peril, and WHAT HO, she has ditched the clodhoppers in favor of something sleeker. I’m more drawn to this than I expected. Where do you fall: Fug, fab, or FIX IT?

[Photo: Getty]