I love how unusual this choice is, but y’all, sing it with me: I HAVE NOTES.

First, I’d brighten up the lip. Second, I’d lighten up the shoe. This might be a rare instance where beige or white works better than black, because they at least play off the colors threaded into the dress. The black shoes have no relevance to this conversation. I’m totally going to put that to a vote, by the way, too, as beige, black, and white pumps are so often trotted out as neutral choices. Which supposedly neutral shoe would you have chosen, if those were your only three options? STAY TUNED. I’m embedding that poll at the end of this post. Because first we have to talk about the sleeves.

The sleeves. THE SLEEVES, y’all. They are like eyelids on a giant muppet. I can just see Snuffleupagus’s lady-friend batting those at him flirtatiously. I do get that they’re the primary design feature, and yet… they kind of AREN’T, due to the dress itself being a bright color and having a gentle pattern. That is enough for me. If you chopped those suckers off and left the caps over her shoulders — or went sleeveless, short, or even lnog-sleeved — it would be cuter. And as an added benefit, it would make this less jarring:

For an event at which she would be seated, the top half of the dress seems an especially weird pick. She looks like she’s wearing high fashion water wings. I am so enamored of the rest of it that lopping off the floaties would be enough. Am I being boring, or am I being sane? Tweak it in the comments, y’all.

BUT FIRST: If you could pair ONLY black, beige, or white pumps with this dress, what would your choice have been?

  • Black (11%, 382 Votes)
  • Beige (47%, 1,687 Votes)
  • White (43%, 1,531 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,600

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