Everything is a mess right now: I tweeted something totally banal about Battlebots last night before I even checked my timeline, and when I did, I saw the flood of news and information about Dallas, which happened while we were all still trying to process Minnesota, which happened while we were still reeling from Louisiana, which happened in the wake of Bangladesh and Baghdad and Turkey and Orlando and… It feels like the world is a boulder rolling downhill. I sincerely hope you know that by continuing to write these posts, we are not trying to be dismissive of the tragedies around us, nor pretend they don’t exist, nor even act like any of this is as important. Rather, we’re just… coping. GFY is a fashion blog, and we are its Chief Executive Goofballs, and we just want to keep giving anyone who needs it a place to congregate when they are in search of smiles and aren’t sure where else to find one. It is a small thing, maybe even the smallest thing, but it’s the only solid ground I can find right now and so we’ll make a space on this island for anyone who wants it.

Here are some dresses. It’s curated; for the whole show, and in the intended order, click here.

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