Claire will be playing Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown, which we will of course be covering in some capacity on GFY — probably in the form of recaps, possibly which we tag-team, given that they all drop this weekend. Interestingly, I only just read that Claire will only play the role for two seasons, and then they’ll recast to an older actress for two seasons, and then recast once more for the final two. Assuming it does get all six. Reviews are lovely so far; here’s hoping.

At any rate, it will not take you long to sort out what I’d like to change about this.

Given that she IS portraying QEII, it’s rather apt that she’s dressed like a luxury chair. Right down to using the arm covers as, well, arm covers. She’d better not sit down, or else people will be absently flopping into her lap all night, looking for a place to admire their own Snapchat stories. Me, I’d immediately ditch the elbow coozies, take the length to just below the knee, and move the slit to the back. Then she could have a bracelet, which is a handy goal to have at a premiere where you KNOW someone is itching to loan you all the jewels you want.

And, for all the Whos down in Whoville…

Your doctor is IN.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]