By and large, Margot looks very streamlined and simple and great — almost like hitting the reset button after the resplendently bonkers Suicide Squad press tour that included the McQueen unicorn dress. But it clearly needs tweaks in the tailoring, and I just can’t make out exactly where. In this photo, the sleeves are acceptable if not perfect, but skirt is pooling on the carpet…

Margot Robbie

… but in this one, the skirt seems fine and it’s the sleeves that are bunching something terrible. What is the truth of this dress, y’all? Did it change in varying degrees all night? Is it that there is only ONE precise way to stand in it, and she missed the mark both times? Or is it a sartorial mood ring, extending and shortening various parts depending on her level of inner turmoil?

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]