Apparently Get Out is — justifiably — getting a nice Golden Globes push, at the very least. There have been myriad special screenings in the last month or two, and it cleaned up at the Gotham Film Awards last night. Allison was there in a really charming, romantic, almost fairy-nymph Giambattista Valli. It’s the kind of thing that makes me want to spell it faerie instead. Her neutral non-makeup is quite artfully done, also.

I think Allison was an undersung actor on Girls because Marnie was so annoying (and her scenes were often overshadowed by whatever sexual act she had to perform, of which hers always seemed the most… creative), but she honed really good comic timing as Marnie became more and more self-involved, and it’s nice to see her making interesting choices coming out of that series. (Because, let’s be real, Peter Pan Live — even though she claims it got her this part — was a refried mess.)

She also wore this adorable dress earlier in the month, which is so far up our alley that it might as well be called Fug Nation Boulevard.

'Get Out' BAFTA film screening, New York, USA - 12 Nov 2017

I have a very similar Boden dress that I was all set to link to, but it’s sold out. WOE. This is Gabriela Hearst and I can’t find a good swap for EITHER of them. So I guess we have to mope about it until Boden gets its act together and reissues its version. AHEM. BODEN.

Oh, and we also need to applaud that she and Daniel Kaluuya apparently did NOT coordinate on purpose, and yet both gravitated toward the stripe that would probably make up the Fug Nation flag. Well played, you two.

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This Schiaparelli is an adorable jumble. Mixing patterns is a delicate art, and I can’t rightly articulate why this one works and others sometimes fail so badly, but… I think it’s because each pattern has a color in common with another. So there’s a shared language, even if the individual dialect isn’t a match.

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That’s pretty enough, but boy, those shoes are stodgy. Imagine that with yellow ones.

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Another Gabriela Hearst here. I REALLY like it, but would have shortened it a touch and gone with strappy metallic shoes of some ilk, to play off the dress.

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That’s Oscar de la Renta, and it’s… fine! It’s fine. It’s the Monseters era, so it could always be worse.

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AND THERE IT IS. THAT’S WORSE. It’s not Monse, though. It’s a line called Hellessy, which I have not heard of, and which anagrams to, “HELL? YESS.” (The extra “s” is for emphasis.) The stripes would be so cute if the rest had just been… something else. Maybe that’s what the bonus S represents.

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