assume this entire event was like, “yes, yes, the children, won’t someone think of them, anyway, TELL US EVERYTHING.” And I also assume Kate just sat down and was like, “oh my god, I’ve been DYING to spill. The wedding’s going to be at St George’s in May, she’s just great, and this baby BETTER NOT be overdue.”

Speaking of outfits — which I guess I wasn’t — this dress is Kate Spade (but I don’t believe it’s for sale, yet), and it’s very charming. I keep imagining Meghan drifting over to Wills and Kate’s KP apartment, and wandering through Kate’s closet as they chat, as Kate says things like, “a beige shoe is timeless,” and “don’t let me forget to teach you how to get out of a car properly,” and Meghan wonders if maybe they need to try more patterns and gently notes that she LOVES a red shoe with a polka dot dress. Then Charlotte comes in to show everyone the working model of an active volcano she’s made, and clothing is forgotten.

Of COURSE someone asked Kate about the good news:

And, also, we’ve got lots of info about this actual museum (which seems very interesting and also a bit heart-rending):

I would have cried at this bit:

Let’s have Camilla take us home:

[Photos: PA Images/, John Rainford/, Lia Toby/]