This seemed nicer to me on the runway, and I think that’s because it was crafted for a person who’s slightly taller, and so it hits the model at a better part of her leg. It comes off more like clumsy swaddling on Tessa. Her shoes and lipstick are superb colors with this, and the pattern is resplendent, but overall the fit and cut leave me with freezer burn. I had to wrap my foot this morning to go to the gym, except I don’t actually know how to do that in a real way, so I just wound the bandage tightly around it and then stopped and ripped it wherever it felt done. This bodice is the fashion version of that — as if someone pulled it as tightly as they could, made it good and pinchy, and then finished right over her right boob and did the ol’ tear-and-stick. The positive news is, if she happens to have sprained a mammary recently, this should heal it right quick.