When we saw this on the runway, I wondered how wearable it would turn out to be.

Asked and answered. I appreciate the thought behind how relatively seamless the transition from lined to unlined is — I can’t wholly tell where the modesty begins, and that DOES take skill and thought — and I understand the artistic desire here. But my feeling is: Leave that on the runway. Yes, okay, Rachel selected this knowing full well what it would entail, but it strikes me that these designs put all the emphasis on the dress and very little on the person in it; the more successful collaborations let them both sing in equal measure. So yeah, Rachel’s head looks lovely, and yet I’m spending all my time frowning at the dress, wondering what I’d do differently or if I’m being too pearl-clutchy. The decals on the shoulder end up being fine; on her chest, though, they look like fancy nipple decals. I MIGHT accept them even so, if you lopped off the lone sleeve and lined the skirt. Because if that was opaque, it might look less like a bunch of gleaming doves are dive-bombing her groin. Might, might, might. A rough draft that never got its edits.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]