Michelle Williams may be predictably ride-or-die with Louis Vuitton, but never let it be said that she can’t still surprise me.

Maybe my memory is faulty, but I never would have pegged her for a pizza delivery lady. In fact, when this hit the runways, I noted this exact number comes across like LV is exclusively courting Real Housewives. Michelle Williams gives off the kind of vibe where I assume she’s too polite to glance at what’s been sent and scream that it’s something an escort would be paid to wear to a gala of Vegas magicians, so she just puts it on and then makes her feelings known before the next one. I wonder if Jennifer Connelly’s shipment went to her, and somewhere Jennifer is opening a cache of strapless cocktail dresses and cursing like someone just dropped a TV on her foot.

I also want to deepen the hair color and take her brows back a bit darker. This look on her is a bit too severe; Attempted Latter-Day Annie Lennox Realness isn’t her strong suit, I don’t think.

[Photo: Getty]