When I first saw this, I was all in on the gold and the polka dots. She looks like an exquisitely, expensively wrapped present.

I realize it’s also a bit of a twee party, but in a way that I wholly embrace. An awards banquet thrown by the Academy governors is the perfect time to debut something this unabashedly goddess-like and girly. It’s like pre-season. You add new stuff to the playbook and see what you can get away with once the regular season begins.

There might be an argument to cut off the one partial sleeve, or not be quite so drapey on both the bodice AND the skirt. Little things that could be skimmed off and still leave something effective behind. But frankly, I really enjoy this on her as a bit of a departure from what she’s been wearing lately, so I’m going to sign off happily. Your mileage, as ever, may vary.

[Photo: Getty]

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