Who Fugged It More: Kate Winslet, or… Kate Winslet

You might remember this dress from the Mildred Pierce press tour, and how much I hated it, and how a lot of us thought it made her chest look  like a preying mantis. The prevailing sentiment was that people wanted to see it in different colors, to determine what the problem was: the blocking, or the garment itself.

Kate heard your pleas, Fug Nation. Or else she made those same pleas herself.

It is definitely better in red. I find the shoes to be clunky and forgettable, ditto the hair, and maybe she needs a redder lip here. But the dress itself, streamlined to one bold color and then the black detail, seems to be doing exactly what its intent was: flagrant public bodaciousness.

ESPECIALLY when you view it against the background of darkest night. It’s totally slimming and va-va-voom, but not in a way that has me afraid her midsection is going to end up on the Discovery Channel.

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  1. Laucie

    The beige and white was the second coming of Brigitte Nielson, not a look an Oscar-worthy actress should be striving for. The red is sufficiently va-va-va-voom, while not looking cheap. But why finish a hot look off with shoes my Grandma started wearing at age 80 ?

  2. andrea

    The difference is the red one looks like it fits–as you often recommend, she went up a size.

  3. Tim

    I would love to see someone plus-sized like Melissa McCarthy wear this.

  4. ChaChaHeels

    I’m in agreement with whoever says she looks better because she went up a size but she put on shoes that an octogenarian would find “old looking”.

  5. marina

    The red colour with pale lips does her no favours.

    Has her taste in clothing deteriorated in sync with that awful rock-moron of a boyfriend?

  6. Geemee

    God, her body looks amazing in that dress. Love the fit on her. And while the hair doesn’t bother me, I do wish for red lippy.

  7. Olivia

    The red is better by far, just wish the neckline didn’t look so much like a sports bra.

  8. schadenfreudelicious

    i am generally not a fan of Stella McCartney, but i covet that dress in this incarnation…the shoes and pale lip were poor choices, but her bod is the star of the show here….

  9. Carolina Girl

    The dress looks much better in red, and Bravo to Kate for going up a size. Like everyone else I am also not a big fan of the shoes, hair and makeup, but I would also like to see this dress hemmed just a hair above her knee. The color blocking makes her look slimmer but a bit more leg would make her look taller.

  10. vandalfan

    I even like the shoes, with the iteration of longer length harking back to the 40′s. The hair however, made me think “My, Sharon Stone looks young!”

  11. Lion

    This (and the other one too) is just desperate and unnecessary. She doesn’t have to prove to anyone that she is still hot. Hotness is not what K Winslet is (or ought to be, or used to be) about. P.S. TERRIBLE make-up.

  12. anonymoose

    The waist portion of the dress and the hairdo are the only things working here. Ms. Winslet’s bosom is smooshed by that sports bra-dress (oh, a stella? so that’s why so oogly!). The shooz are a foul, made ever more so by the lack of nail polish, which would helpfully distract from the enormity of her freakishly dominant big toe. And the hair color and makeup make the lovely Kate look hard and advanced in years. It’s funny (in a sad way) that she is posing in front of a backdrop that reads “Carnage” in that getup.

  13. CJ

    Better in red — looks like she can actually breathe, but I still am not a huge fan. There seems to be boob overflow/cupcaking up near her armpits. Also, the shoes! The dress is an (over and unnecessary) attempt to be “sexy,” but those shoes are self-sabotage for hotness. Not sure if I’d like the hem shorter…I’d have to see it with the right shoes.

  14. CJ

    sorry, I meant “overt”

  15. Deer

    I agree with lion. The make up and shoes tell you that she is not a Natural Born Killer (as do all her equally unconvincing outfits since her divorce) and so why does she keep on pretending? I might start up as a Dignity Consultant in Hollywood. It looks like they need one.

  16. Tara

    I don’t love HER in this dress (hated the white one, will hate it on anyone), but I’m not gonna lie: I kinda wish I could own this dress. I would wear it all the time and carry a black backdrop with me everywhere.

    What? I want some curves, dangit!

  17. meme

    dress is fug. everything stella m. designs is fug.

  18. ashley

    i hate to be a butthead, but i really wish beautiful kate would leave the open-toe shoes at home.

  19. neiges

    It seems to me that wearing a dress that makes half your body disappear and turn you into a jessica rabbit wanabee is a desperate attempt.
    Sorry, but I can’t stand her declarations of embracing her body and then trying to look what she is not when she is actually beautiful in a non-sexualised way.
    At least she went up a size…

  20. witjunkie

    This is only better because it didn’t color-block her ta tas. The other one would’ve been OK too had it been only the one color in the middle. I think she looks good; sometimes you just want to look hot.

  21. Lynn

    ..don’t like either one. They look like it was the day Olympic swimsuits were being made and the designed said…”I wonder what this would look like as a dress?” Not good! Also, I do not tend to like Stella McCartney designs.

  22. Anne B

    I very much dislike this dress. Not as much as I loathed the beige, but … YES. Swimsuit Top is never formal, no matter how much you paid for the dress.

    That said: Kate continues to amaze, her body continues to be off the chain, and I continue to want to be her very best friend. <3

    • Sajorina

      Anne B, if you ever end up being besties with Kate, will you bring me along to have “tea & crumpets” sometimes?

  23. Sajorina

    GFY Heather: You’re crazy… In a very good way!!!

    I do prefer the red version, but it still looks like what I would wear to do aerobics… Not Red Carpet-worthy at all!

    • Penny

      agree – was just sort of skimming through the photos (because, you know, sometimes you have to go back to the Home page and then scroll down to get back to where you were, especially if you were just looking at a group of pictures with multiples). Almost scrolled right through this one because it looked like a soccer mom at a mall. The dress, shoes, hair and makeup are all underwhelming and completely undeserving of Kate Winslet.

  24. Az

    I can’t get pat my horror at the armpit situation, sorry.

  25. anny

    Formal gym wear. Skirted unitard. Particularly unflattering about the shoulders. And wonderful as the movie “Billy Elliot” is, I suspect that scene in the kitchen where Jamie Draven’s wearing the bikini-printed apron is NOT the association Kate was going for here.

  26. Scanderoon

    The top looks like a sports bra. She looks as amazing as any human being possibly could in that dress, and some elements are flattering, but the top looks like a sports bra.


    Before the scrolldown on the first pic, I assumed she was about to launch herself into an Olympic-sized pool and bring home the gold for the buttterfly – honest to Swinton, that’s a swimsuit-and-shower-hair combo that should only be seen with chlorine-filled eyes. Also makes her shoulders look enorme. And she did so many years of elegant and classic – what the what, Kate??

  28. Emma

    Another day, another bodycon dress.

  29. NYCGirl

    It’s an inprovement, but I think it’s too long, and it does, as others have said, look bathing suit-y.

  30. NYCGirl


  31. Maude

    I just feel that slightly more supportive undergarments would take this to the next level.

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