Apropos of nothing, I just want to remind everyone that Jessie J has been dating Channing Tatum for a while. That truly has nothing to do with anything here, it’s just a fact that I sometimes forget, then am delighted to remember. (Obviously, Mulligan is married to a Mumford, making her sisters-in-law with Dianna Agron. Hollywood is a TANGLED SEXUAL WEB.)

When Carey wore this back in October, reader, I hated it. I called it “whimsically heinous.” I do not think it has become LESS whimsically heinous in the intervening months, but I must admit that I do think Jessie J at least sort of works in it for me, mostly I think because we have many many years of her popping up places looking full bonks. And so, here, my reaction to this is like, “Oh, I’ve missed Jessie J and her wacky looks! She was Rita Ora before Rita Ora was Rita Ora — also, where is Rita Ora right now?” Whereas with Carey, it just…did not seem within her sartorial wheelhouse. But there’s only one way to settle this: Arm-wrestling. No, wait. A POLL:

Whose Look Is More Successful For You, As a Whole? Do tell.

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