Admittedly, this is not an apples-to-apples comparison. But Emma Stone wore a very similar white and silver Louis Vuitton shortly after her pact with them was announced, and it was massively underwhelming. And now here is Margot in a similar getup, cut to look like a jacket that has fallen inauspiciously off her shoulders (the Kardashians are all, “Yawn, been there, done that, took the selfie”).

Oh, what the heck, let’s look at them together:


Emma’s appears a bit more dramatically as if her sleeves are chained together, and her elbow eruptions are more intense. I don’t know why Margot’s string had to be a white ribbon, though, and the heavy black fabric underscores this illusion that she’s wearing a giant bummer of a bib. This is not a case of picking a favorite, for me, so much as figuring out which one works less badly. After much lip-chewing, I’m going with… thinking, nibbling, applying Chapstick… Margot’s as the better one. I think? While the two-tone on hers is more in-your-face, I think it also somehow appears more streamlined and less silly. It’s… not an ideal situation either way, though. Emma’s contract could start to feel awfully long.

Death is not an option: to whom do you award the "least bad" mantle?

  • Emma (60%, 1,726 Votes)
  • Margot (37%, 1,074 Votes)
  • There is nothing wrong with either dress, thank you very much (2%, 70 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,870

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