First, yes, I do realize this is not a real comparison. It’s apples to oranges, or possibly apples to space frogs. But when you get two pairs of screamingly pink pants in your face at the end of a long-ass day AND a sad stretch of baseball, well, sometimes you toss them in together.

First, let’s go with Julia, who is promoting Homecoming, which I might watch if I remember (this would be a feat):

LA Premiere of

She looks nice! They might be a tad long; I think she is wearing open-toe shoes, though, and maybe a pointy-toed shoe would have poked out more and made the hem job seem better. But pink suits her, as does her makeup. Julia is not prone to bright hues like this, so that delights me; as much as the overall style is pretty safe, then, the pink is fresh for her. I’m pleased.

But is Pleasantly Polished going to outwit, outplay, and outlast The Pink Pantsther?

'Suspiria' film premiere, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 24 Oct 2018

This outfit came down the runway with navy pants that had a zebra-stripe portion, or something? I am going to congratulate myself because I SO RARELY predict things correctly, and yet I wrote, “Now THIS is some motherf’ing SWINTON.” She looks like a marching-band cowgirl, and yes, of COURSE the blouse looks like it is the tiny shrunken hands of her enemies. This is much more MEMORABLE than Julia’s. But should she have pinkified it, or left the pants as they were? (I think… yes to pink.) Is it still just a very weird bow-legged piece of formal-wear, or is it fun enough to outdo the other? Is it SWINTON, or JULIA!!!!!!?

Okay, fine, let's vote just for giggles:

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[Photos:, Rex/Shutterstock]