First, Lucy Boynton here is playing the female lead in the new movie about Freddie Mercury, and she is 24 years old, and yet the photo of her on her Wikipedia page is one wherein she is 13 years old. Dear Team Boynton: You should fix that. (Also, it is therein that I learned that the BBC made a film version of Ballet Shoes, in which she play Posy Fossil, and please just know that I am in a tizzy thinking about how I can see this movie while I push through writing the rest of this post. Emma Watson is in it?! DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE SHOES BOOKS BECAUSE I LOVE THEM. We could be here all day!)

There is something about this Gucci that I like, although I recognize that aspects of it are ridiculous. She looks like an actress moping backstage at a 1973 pantomime performance of Cinderella that’s set at the court of Elizabeth I. What can I say? I appreciate how specific it is.

[Photo: Mario Mitsis/]