I’m pretty stoked that Meghan has been committed to The Stripe As A Concept on this trip, as a person who loves a stripe very much. (I also feel like Kate pulled these pics up on her phone and was like, “ooh, stripes!” and then waved her phone at William, who was immobilized because Charlotte wanted to “try something” with duct tape.) This look feels VERY Meghan: She loves a shirtdress, and has opted for a full-skirted one more than once. (This one is by the Aussie designer Martin Grant again; Martin Grant is getting a lot of love on this tour.) I like it, especially the full skirt, but I wish she’d left the top button undone, mostly because it makes me feel claustrophobic. Or, to be more accurate, I wish it had a proper collar rather than a band collar — but this is because I, personally, hate a band collar. (J.Crew is always trying to make me buy them and I don’t want them! I want a collar-collar!!! Thank you for letting me work through this emotional trauma with you.) (While I’m being parenthetical, Meghan’s bag is Prada and her shoes are A MYSTERY!!!! [I’m sure one of the eagle-eyed royal clothing ID geniuses on Twitter will crack that case eventually, though.] )

Today’s calendar of events in Tonga involve meeting Prime Ministers (well, just the current one); checking out an exhibit of Tongan handicrafts; dedicating some trees (I love tree dedications, the forests are always stunning); and then popping by the palace to say goodbye to the King before flying back to Sydney, where Meghan and Harry are going to a reception and an awards ceremony. This post just covers the first batch of events; we’ll cover the rest of the events in another post (or two) later tonight. I’m tired! (This tour is long; I feel like you can tell from the royal reporters and photographers on social media that they are wiped out already. I can only imagine how knackered M&H are.)

Let’s look at some videos:

This is GORGEOUS. You know I’m very interested in rugs:

As I’ve said about seven hundred times recently, one of the best things about being a royal would be how much good dancing you’d get to see:

This pic is v. cute; Meghan’s collar situation works really well with her kahoa (what they call leis in Tonga, thank you!):

[Photos: PA Images/INSTARimages.com]