It’s apparently SHIRTDRESS DAY in Tonga, and I am here for that. Meghan changed out of her striped Martin Grant dress and into this Veronica Beard number, and remember how we were saying that she probably wished she had sewn up the side-slit on that Reformation dress she wore on Fraser Island? She DID sew up the side-slits on this dress. Are you reading this, Meghan? MEGHAN. MEGHAN, READ OUR BOOK IN PUBLIC. IT IS TOPICAL. (It is not, however, very tropical.)

Anyway, while she looks for a copy of The Royal We to carry off the plane from Tonga to Sydney, more outfit deets: We’ve got more Pippa Small jewelry, and if I get through this tour without spending my feelings on some of that, it’ll be a miracle. (If I’d worn the Mega Millions, this necklace would have been MINE! But as it stands now, I do not have a spare $16k floating around for necklaces.)  The dress is great; I love the color. I wish I were wearing it right now, frankly. She looks so crisp and pretty. I always feel like people look so COMPETENT in a shirtdress. The shoes are also great — they’re Aquazarra, but not for sale (that I’ve seen). [EDIT: Now our friends at Meghan’s Mirror are reporting that they’re actually Banana Republic? But that color isn’t for sale, anything. They do still have them in black.] Overall: Tonga has been sartorially very good. We’ll see what Sydney holds later!

Let’s look at some tweets!

[Photos: Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock, Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP/REX/Shutterstock]