The Royal Tour marches on! (We had a lot of coverage over the weekend, and if you missed any of it, you can catch up here.) On Day Seven, Meghan and Harry flew off to Fraser Island, where Meghan took it a bit easier while Harry did all kinds of neat and cool things. Also, look at this:

GORGEOUS. Can we put this on our Fug Nation Australian Bus and Boat Tour, which I’ve just invented? It’s so pretty:

Please, let’s go!

We didn’t really get pics of Harry and Meghan taking off to the island, which is a shame, because I love her dress:

It’s from & Other Stories, which is a frequent high street choice for her, and you can see it better on their site. It looks very forgiving on a body (pregnant or otherwise), and I am always going to be in favor of a polka dot. (It also kinda reminds me of the polka dot dress Kate wore last week; a Duchess mind-meld at work, surely, although Kate’s is from Whistles).

Here it is in motion:

The sandals are those Sarah Flint ones she digs; the sunnies are Karen Walker (who is a Kiwi). Heather and I actually both got Karen Walker sunglasses at one of her fashion shows once and they’re really nice, if you’re on the fence about them.

(Speaking of Events For Which There Were No Good Pics, Harry and Meghan also had a Surprise Private Reception over the weekend at which she wore this Jason Wu dress; it’s very much in keeping with the rest of her wardrobe for this tour, but as black cocktail dresses go, it’s pretty unimpeachable.)

Anyway, while Meghan rested up at the hotel (I decided she called her mother and had a cozy chat, then ate room service fries and watched some Aussie soap operas on demand, as well she should; Australia’s soaps are iconic), Harry was formally welcomed to the island, unveiled a plaque, and, per People,  “visit[ed] one of Fraser Island’s iconic lakes to meet with local elders and national park rangers to learn about the island’s natural beauty, rich history, biodiversity and cultural significance….then [travelled] to the beach to learn about the history of the island’s logging trade, as well as its use as a training base for the Australian Z Special Unit during World War II.”

This pleases me. I love jokes about tiny curtains:


Meghan did pop out for the final event of the day, a walkabout, in a new outfit AND MORE PATTERNS. Are you reading this right now, Meghan? Did you hear our cry for patterns? And, if so, can you walk out onto the hotel balcony and make a grand show of reading The Royal We, ideally laughing HUGELY and then sobbing dramatically at all the appropriate bits? We’d SUPER appreciate it.

Anyway, this dress is from Reformation — which feels VERY Los Angeleno Goes On Vacation to Australia in a way that pleases me as a Los Angeleno who wants to go to Australian on vacation; I think the slit on the side acted up in the wind in a way that she wasn’t thrilled about, but, as we all know, it takes ages before Royal Women are officially granted the power to control the elements. (It also kind of feels like the casual version of this Altuzarra dress, but better deployed.) Let’s take a closer look in the slideshow and discuss.

[Photos:  Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP/REX/Shutterstock, DARREN ENGLAND/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock, Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment/ We use affiliate links!]