Katy, it has BEEN A JOURNEY, and I’m only even talking about the last ten days. We had seafoam wings, we had an insane pink human Cosmo (the cocktail, not the magazine), and most of us thought you were Kaley Cuoco. Was that your plan? To implicate someone else in your random acts of fuggery? It’s clever, Katy. It’s bold.

Regardless, now we are here. We have come to this. Katy, I… really like this. I might even love it. The word “pizzazz” comes to mind, although that’s probably because The Good Place just used it brilliantly and I’m still cresting on that high. But this dress IS a good place for you. It’s got zing and personality, and it’s flattering, and you paired it with interesting shoes that add to the whole look, rather than feel like your Uber came early and so you just threw on whatever was in the front of your closet. So I think we’re going to be okay, Katy. We’re gonna make it after all. Now go grab a hat and throw it in the air.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]