We have so much to unpack here. First, I thought this was Kaley Cuoco for a moment. Second, the idea of wearing this to a QVC-sponsored event cracks me up, as it seems wholly removed from the QVC audience, in a galactic sense. (It’s for the Fashion Footwear Association of New York, but you know. That logo is right there.) Third, a press release about this Galia Lahav outfit called it the “Shirley Temple Jumpsuit in Chic Pink Sequined Chiffon from the latest couture collection ‘And God Created Woman.’” So clearly I need to post that collection pretty soon, but also, I am DYING to know how Shirley Temple factors this equation. Do boobs squeezing out from under a bodice, pink-over-tan sparkles, and choking off the blood supply in your arms somehow evoke the Good Ship Lollypop? Did Shirley live a life wholly foreign to me?!? And why does this whole thing also make me think of people who dress up their tiny dogs to look like ladies? I think it’s the tiny hair bow. Oh, Katy. This is what I needed. Never change.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]