Well. I have notes, and I suspect you do, too. Namely, my one note is that I really like all of these pieces and I’m not sure any of them really go together? (I also thought to myself, isn’t she COLD? And then I realized that it’s warmer in London right now than it is in Los Angeles. May your sunny warmth hold for this wedding, my dear British friends, because I have some cute stuff I want to wear when I’m in your fair country next month.) I am also super not a fan of the trend of just draping one’s coat over one’s shoulders, primarily because it makes it impossible for one to do anything. I tried this look, four years ago when everyone at Fashion Week was doing it, and I realized that it was TOTALLY impractical if you ever move your arms, like, at all. I suspect this is one of the reasons Meghan took her jacket off inside — you basically cannot meet-and-greet people with a blazer slung casually over your shoulders because it will keep falling off. LIFE LESSONS FOR THE DUCHESS.

Having said that! It is a good blazer — it’s by Camilla and Marc, and it kind of reminds of me of Kate’s trusty Smythe blazer (also known as my own trusty Smythe blazer; the ShopBop sale was good to me one year). It’s also not for sale yet (they emailed me and informed me that it’s the “Adley Blazer from CAMILLA AND MARC SS18″), but that designer has A LOT of VERY GOOD blazers in general. I also like the dress (it’s by her old dear beloved friends at Altuzarra and it’s very summery indeed). But do they go together? Let’s discuss. There is a closer look at all their iterations, plus bag and shoe close-ups, within.

PS: There’s a big story in Us Weekly about the wedding this week; most of it is intel that was already known to me, BUT! It is news that Harry is allegedly going to wear a wedding band (Wills does not). I find this very romantic. I’m getting very excited for this wedding, you guys.

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