Well, Sigourney Weaver dropped a truly crackwackular surprise the other day, and I honestly haven’t had that much fun in a while. I truly miss the days of ghastly surprises that aren’t sheer-based. It was SO elaborately, ornately insane. But I also know we were all concerned that she had not just lost her marbles but actively put them down the disposal, so it felt important to tell you that she also wore something reasonable. And this is it. And no, it’s not perfect. I have design notes — like, I wouldn’t have done all the bunching on that one shoulder — and the orange and white purse, though groovy, goes with a whole other outfit — honestly, it probably would’ve fit better with the robustly weird ensemble. But this fits her neatly (it should; it was custom) and the jewelry pinning it together (or appearing to) is a nifty idea. In sum, it’s regal in all the ways the other was not; here, she is the queen who sits in the expensive chair, and there she was wearing the chair. An upgrade for sure.

[Photo: WENN]