You might remember this dress from the Mildred Pierce press tour, and how much I hated it, and how a lot of us thought it made her chest look  like a preying mantis. The prevailing sentiment was that people wanted to see it in different colors, to determine what the problem was: the blocking, or the garment itself.

Kate heard your pleas, Fug Nation. Or else she made those same pleas herself.

It is definitely better in red. I find the shoes to be clunky and forgettable, ditto the hair, and maybe she needs a redder lip here. But the dress itself, streamlined to one bold color and then the black detail, seems to be doing exactly what its intent was: flagrant public bodaciousness.

ESPECIALLY when you view it against the background of darkest night. It’s totally slimming and va-va-voom, but not in a way that has me afraid her midsection is going to end up on the Discovery Channel.

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