Meghan Markle somewhat infamously chose a dress in this Oscar de la Renta pattern for a wedding — namely, a long-sleeve, bulky, poorly sized wrap-style version that a lot of people rather disliked, including me. For a barefoot stroll on your Tahitian beach before you go to dinner in a candlelit sex yurt, fine, but it seemed totally wrong for a posh UK church affair (it had strings hanging from the collar; do not wear anything with hoodie DNA to a wedding, is my motto). The reason I bring all that up: The dress and its delicate china-service pattern is fairly well burned on our collective brains, so it felt bold to pick something in the same family, given that it’d invite even the most apples-to-oranges of comparisons. Obviously, Meghan really couldn’t have worn the midriff version — now THAT would have been some pearl-clutching about protocol — but I will say this: I think her version of it suits the fabric well. As enormous as it looked on her frame, the more gentle draping gave it flowy and unfussy feel. This is at least summery, but lacks the same ease. Instead, it’s been frayed on every available edge — and then some new ones were created, like the peeling portion of the bodice, so that it could get frayed some more. Neither is an ideal option; maybe a third one will be the charm? Until then, I’m — wait for it — afrayed I’ll have to pass again.

[Photo: WENN]