There are so many magnificent gowns that only see the light of day once in this town. I wish more people would reach deep into their personal archive and bring out a classic. I realize many of them probably aren’t owned, only lent, but how hard can they be to procure again? We would lose our minds, in a good way, if Penelope Cruz rewore that pink feathered Versace again. Some memories are worth having.

Taylor Schilling clearly got to keep the above suit, which is Thakoon and may have been custom, and which she last wore to the Golden Globes in 2016:

Jennifer Lopez and Gasper Smart at The 73rd Golden Globe Awards in LA

Jessica wrote at the time, “It’s a little Fancy Granny at the Craps Table for me.” That’s not wrong. And I find it really interesting that when Taylor brought it out again, she turned it into a completely different vibe. In the top photo, you can really tell it’s a suit (I kept thinking, back in 2016, that it was a blouse or blousey-jumpsuit situation), but of course that’s because she’s got the t-shirt untucked and hanging below the jacket hem. That makes it sloppier, but it also helps clarify that the outfit is separates, so… is that a wash on the pro-con list? The shoes are dull for both, though the contrasting white does read more casual; a fashion sneaker might’ve been the best choice with the t-shirt? Still, I’m intrigued by what feels like the beginnings of one of those old Lucky features about how many ways to wear the same basic piece. Styled with sexier shoes, and maybe a long necklace, I might prefer the original wear — but I am also drawn to the idea behind how she repurposed it, and would not be opposed to her going for a trifecta at some point. Just to see. Maybe she can average the two out?

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[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock, Getty]