So, as I said earlier this year, one of my resolutions for 2019 has been to be more financially responsible (this is also where I waxed poetic about Digit). As such, I have been doing things like looking at all my subscriptions to see if there’s a place where I can save money (I realized I could go down a level on my cable subscription without impacting my TV watching lifestyle), making an actual budget for my charitable giving and donations (which seems parsimonious but I realized in prepping for my taxes that it’s maybe not a great idea to give money willy-nilly to various political candidates whenever I freak out about the state of the world; i.e, I spent my feelings about the mid-term election more than I should have, and a budget would benefit me there just as it does for, say, my personal upkeep spending), and my NEW FAVORITE TIP, designating one day a week for my non-vital online purchases.  I have a bad habit of shopping for moisturizer and earrings and blouses late at night, but it works for my own personal psychology to tell myself that I have to wait until Tuesday to see if I still want to spend the money. (Tuesday is the day I picked. So far, Tuesdays have not turned into a shopping free-for-all.) So far, when Tuesday rolls around, I’m usually over whatever it is.  Anyway, I am excited about Online Shopping Tuesday, and I also LOVE tips like these, even if they don’t apply to me (like, I always make my own lunch because I work at home) — small changes, easy things to do, little hacks to save yourself some cashola. What are yours?