Hope the Americans in the audience are airing out their stretchy pants in honor of next week’s Thanksgiving holiday. I don’t know about y’all, but I have a lot of silver to polish before my grandma gets here. While we’re slaving away, please enjoy the following:

– Los Angelenos! Heather and I will be moderating a brief Q&A with Mandi Line — the awesome costume designer over at Pretty Little Liars — before a PLL-themed fashion show at Macy’s on December 3rd. Come on out!

– Readers! SPOILED is up for a Goodreads Choice Award for Best Young Adult Fiction of 2011. We are so excited and flattered! Please vote for us! (Or any of the other awesome books that are up for the award, since we are in extremely good company.)

– You definitely want to read this piece about Paul Newman and how hot and awesome he was. (The Hairpin)

– While we’re on the topic of hot and awesome, here are some pictures of Timothy Olyphant and Jon Hamm. (Lainey)

– Speaking of old movie stars, and people who are good-looking, how fascinating is it that they’re re-opened the Natalie Wood murder investigation? (Celebitchy)

– A bunch of kids at St Mary’s College in Maryland have been forced by mold to move…into a cruise ship. You guys, there is an ABC Family movie in there somewhere, I can just feel it. (NY Times)

Vulture compares the rival Snow White movies heading our way, and linking to this allows me state in a public forum that I think Julia Roberts looks so unbearably terrible in hers that I might do someone some physical harm. You can look forward to at least a year of me harping on it. ENJOY! (Vulture)

I’m so sure you’re going to enjoy this article about the science of sarcasm. No, that was actually serious. (Smithsonian)

– Have you voted in the Tournament of Muppets yet? (National Post)

– Oooh, Canada’s new $100 bill is FANCY. (Time)

–  Speaking of fancy, let’s look at fancy holiday windows of fancy department stores! (The Cut)

– Speaking of the holidays, if you love me, you’ll get me one of these vintage cocktail books. (Flavorwire)

– It is insane to me that all these people camped out for the Twilight premiere, but I want to buy a cocktail for whomever decided to accessorize their Edward stand-up with a candy necklace. (Grantland)