Fugger: Wills and Kate

Royals Round-Up, August 26th, 2016

LOADS of extra bits and pieces from Wills and Kate’s two outings this week, among other items, including some stragglers from the Olympics.

In case you missed it earlier this week:

Wills and Kate both re-wore saucy patterns.

And Kate debuted a new red day dress that I covet.

And elsewhere:

– Racked did a big story about Kate style bloggers that I’m sure you’ll find interesting.

People did a story about Balmoral, where the Queen summers (and forces everyone else to visit).

Glommable offers a quiz to scientifically determine which of Henry VIII’s wives you are. I am Anne Boleyn, so that ends poorly for me. You’re all welcome for the greatest Queen England has ever known!

– We must all give thanks to Tatler for this slideshow of royal babies.

– Speaking of, Kate told a v. cute story about Prince George’s shenanigans this week. [Vanity Fair]

– The Court Jeweller rewinds to Mette-Marit and Crown Prince Haakon’s wedding, fifteen years ago. Queen Maxima looks like an entirely different person now!

– At People, this is a tear-jerker: Prince William Tells Boy Who Lost His Mother He Still Misses Princess Diana Every Day

– And, finally, we’ve got new portraits of Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik:


Royally Played, Wills and Kate (in LK Bennett)

Kate wore LK Bennett yesterday, too. Everyone over there must just be delighted by the twofer. (For what it’s worth, although this particular dress is sold out, none of this is helping me keep my vow to stop buying perfect day dresses. Damn you, Kate. Covering you is bad for my budget.) For those of you tracking Wills’s every sartorial move, yes, these are his usual khakis — the ones I privately call “the trousers that tell me more about The Royal Junk than anticipated.” Let’s start with the snap from KP’s Insta, with a helpful Informative Caption….

…and as ever, you can see more in the slideshow. SO MUCH MORE!

[Photos: Getty]


Royally Played, Wills and Kate (In LK Bennett)

A royal re-wear for the both of them today! (I mean, Wills rewears stuff all the time, obviously, but you know….who can tell one blue suit from the other?) I am delighted that the response to his taking a chance on this jacket at Wimbledon has prompted him to yank it out of the wardrobe again. As for Kate, who can forget the time she wore this to climb into an airplane without flashing anyone?

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty]


Royal Rewind: Wills & Kate’s First Trip to Canada

We learned last week that Wills and Kate are going to be visiting Canada next month — exact dates still TBD — and may actually be bringing the kids with them, which will be exciting for those of us who enjoy squealing over wee babies (AKA me).  What better time than a lazy August Tuesday to revisit their first trip, and discuss which of these looks, many of which have been replayed over the last five years, we might see again on this trip. I vote yes on the Maple Leaf Hat, but hope desperately for the cowboy outfit.


Royally Played: Wills and Kate Watch America’s Cup Racing

Point the first: Somehow, I had this event marked on my calendar for the 30th, so when I woke up and saw these photos, readers, I was confused. Because I don’t know what I’m talking about, as usual. Point the second: as I speculated earlier this week, Wills and Kate and Harry are all skipping the Rio Olympics due to Zika concerns (like Princess Charlene), which I am sure will be the case for a lot of people of childbearing age who aren’t athletes or coaches. As much as I LOVE the Olympics, I have a lot of concerns about this one, so let’s all just cross our fingers and hope it goes well. Point the last: in light of my previous point, let’s enjoy the sportsfaces and amusingly dorky matching outfits while we’re got them.

[Photos: Getty]


Royals Round-Up, July 15th 2016

We’ve got weddings AND babies in today’s Royals Round-Up!

And in case you missed it earlier this week, Wills and Kate went out to Wimbledon.

Also, a note: Apparently, one of the tabloids — I think Life & Style — is claiming Kate is pregnant. As I have said previously, DO NOT BELIEVE AMERICAN TABLOIDS WHEN THEY CLAIM TO BE BREAKING THE NEWS THAT KATE IS KNOCKED UP. The lower-level tabloids simply make stuff up, for one thing. For another, if a publication ever did get this scoop before the palace announced it, it will be because someone got paid A LOT OF MONEY to spill, and L&S just does not have the resources. Think about it: If you’re a Brit with this kind of JUICY INTEL, are you going to call Life & Style??? No: You are calling the Daily Mail and making some real money for your story.  The only media sources that I would give ANY credence to a theoretical royal pregnancy rumor are People, because they’ve got money and they’ve got reporters in the UK and given their royal-friendly reputation, I don’t think they’d run with something unless they were pretty sure, and the aforementioned Mail, because they also have money and I would believe they’d make the effort to have multiple people on the ground sniffing these things out.  And I would still give it a big grain of salt. W&K’s circle is possibly the most tight-lipped of modern royal times. As we always say: Consider the source. This concludes your public service announcement.

Elsewhere of interest around ye olde internets:

– This is CLASSIC Vanity Fair: The East Village D.J. Who Became the Savior of a Decaying British Estate. For example, these two sentences have, quite literally, everything: “His father went missing in the Côte d’Azur, where he had been living for the previous two years; his body, mauled by animals, with just shreds of his jeans, was discovered five months later at the bottom of a remote ravine outside Cannes. The 66-year-old earl had been strangled at the behest of a high-end prostitute of Tunisian-Moroccan descent whom he had married two years previously and made the Countess of Shaftesbury.” That…has….a lot happening in it. Also: “In 1927, Lord Ashley had shocked London society by marrying the chorus girl Sylvia Hawkes. He died of a heart attack in 1947 at the age of 46 (when his son was 8 years old), before he could inherit the earldom. Sylvia, from whom he was divorced in 1935, went on to wed Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and Clark Gable as well as the sixth Baron Sheffield and Prince Djordjadze, a Georgian nobleman.” I’m just saying. This article is probably of interest to you if you are a person who reads Royals Round-Up. (I also had a moment where I realized I’d already about about this story — in Tatler, of course.)

– Over at Order of Splendor, an excellent round-up of some of Queen Mathilde’s recent looks.

Charlene got to christen a cruise ship! She looked lovely, too. (Whacking a boat with a champagne bottle might be on my bucket list, but this is more than likely not going to get crossed off. Unless I do it on accident, drunkenly tripping on a pile of rope down at the docks.) (People)

– Look at all these Royal Ruby Rings! (The Court Jeweller)

– Allegedly, Japanese Emperor Akihito is thinking of abdicating. (BBC)

Hello! has rounded up royal romances that began at the Olympics!


Royally Played, Wills and Kate (in Alexander McQueen) at Wimbledon

When I rolled over and glanced at Twitter this morning — right as the second set began — I was entertained to see how many of you had tweeted to let us know that we needed to WAKE UP ALREADY because Wills wasn’t wearing a blue suit. AND INDEED. This blazer isn’t just not-blue, it has a subtle pattern. To which I can only say: !!!!!!!! I must admit, I like it. Way to branch out, William (his father, after all, is considered one of the best [traditionally] dressed men in the world; maybe Wills decided to step it up, given that he HAS looked much sharper over the last year or so). It’s apparently pattern day for the Cambridges — I assume Charlotte and George are at home in head-to-toe madras plaid.

Additionally, some of this below was on TV — John McEnroe told everyone else in the box to shut up so they could eavesdrop, which was really funny. Are you a secret royals aficionado, John? ARE YOU READING THIS RIGHT NOW? — and you know nothing escandelo was said, because Kensington Palace posted it.

I was amused by how Andy was concerned that the match wasn’t perhaps sufficiently entertaining. That is some next level hostess anxiety.

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