Fugger: Wills and Kate

Royally Played: Wills and Kate (in Smythe) Visit Canada, Day Seven

Today’s events are totally entertaining. Canada has made Kate handle a raw fish — she is a good sport about it! — and also canoe, which she apparently found delightful. This is like the time I had to go on Outward Bound, except I was not a good sport and did not look delighted during any of it.

This trip was to Skidegate, which Wikipedia tells me “is a Haida community in Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands) in British Columbia,” and then further explains that “the Haida…are an indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America….Haida society continues to produce a robust and highly stylized art form, a leading component of Northwest Coast art. While frequently expressed in large wooden carvings (totem poles), Chilkat weaving, or ornate jewellery, it is also moving quickly into works of popular expression such as Haida manga.” Obviously, Wikipedia is not the best source for the most perfect information about anything, but the Wikipedia page about the Haida is really interesting (and also distressing because — SURPRISE!!! — the Americans and the Canadians behaved generally horribly throughout history). I’m annoyed that I didn’t do more Wiki Deep Dives about more of the First Nations cultures we’ve been exposed to on this trip; speaking wholly selfishly, I know I am personally interested in this sort of thing, so why did I keep interesting information away from my own self? Like, I just read a whole bunch about basket-weaving and then fell into a wormhole reading about Haida mythology before I realized that, whoops,  I actually needed to publish this post before the week ended. (But isn’t this interesting? “Within Haida mythology, Raven is a central character, as he is for many of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas…He is responsible for releasing the sun from its tiny box and making the stars and the moon. In one story he released the first humans from a cockle shell on the beach; in another story he brought the first humans up out of the ground because he needed to fill up a party he was throwing.”  The very concept of creating people because you were worried your party would be under-attended feels incredibly universal. We are all more alike than we know.)

Also, look how hideous it is here. Just miserable. And such terrible weather!


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Royals Round-Up, September 30th, 2016

Well. It’s been a VERY BUSY week, given that Wills and Kate and the kids have been gallivanting about Canada all week. We’ve had tons of coverage — you can find it all here, if you’ve missed any of it -- and I’ll actually have a post up later this evening, as well, about today’s tour events. Plus, stuff is happening over the weekend, so…come back later, too, is what I am saying.

In today’s slideshow, we’ve got a ton of other royal ground to cover, given that Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik are currently on a tour of the US and…other stuff also happened. Plus bits and bobs from the Canada tour!

And elsewhere around the internet:

– This was interesting, at CBC: Royal tour planners create “narrative,” says expert. 

– Also very interesting, via the BBC, a piece about some of Canada’s First Nations leaders are using Wills and Kate’s tour to highlight their political frustrations.

– Order of Splendor did a deep dive into the history of the Cambridge Sapphire Parure.

– Maclean’s has tackled the phenomenon that is Kate’s love of beige footwear.

– At People, Princess Beatrice completed a triathlon for charity. (And no better way to handle a breakup than exercise.)

– And, finally, I’m sure you want to watch the trailer for The Crown:

IT’S BERTIE! Bertie, how’s Edith???! That aside: It looks REALLY good. I can’t wait.


Royally Played: Wills & Kate & George & Charlotte Take Canada, Day Six

So, this engagement was super cute. Not surprisingly. George seemed….DOUBTFUL about much of the event. I’m sure Prince NoodleCheeks SweetieFace spends a lot of time thinking, “Why are all these weirdos STARING at me?” Charlotte, on the other hand, was mostly deeply focused on balloons, which also seems totally apt. Balloons are neat. She does, however, seem to share some of her great-aunt Anne’s Expressions of Great Suspicion, which is always welcome in a young person. Be alert, kids. You never know what kind of plans are afoot.

Additionally: Charlotte LOVES balloons. Like LOVES THEM:

More adorable (and long-ish) video can be seen here; I think Wills is getting home from this party and immediately placing an order for a miniature horse.

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Royally Played: Wills and Kate (in Carolina Herrera) Take Canada, Day Five

Oh, you guys! This is the trip that just keeps on giving. Today alone brought so much more handsiness, continued interesting shoes (including really cute cowboy boots!), some coat porn, yet more deeply adorable Canadian children, and Kate in a wine cardigan. I can ask for nothing more. I will also note, though, that this tour is doing exactly what it’s meant to do for me in that I now really want to book a vacay to the west coast of fair Canada. You guys will direct me to the finest wine establishments, right?

You might ask for a closer look at her shoes from this morning, and I can help you there:

ALSO: this is neat if you’re nerdy like I am:

ALSO: this is neat if you’re interested in totem poles like I am:

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Royally Played: Wills and Kate (in Hobbs) Take Canada, Day Four, Part Two

This is sincerely a “Part Two,” in that we didn’t really get a full wardrobe change from events earlier – as far as we know. As far as WE can tell, everyone just put a coat on (it was 42 degrees Farenheit at this event, which is, to my Los Angeleno mind, COLD). I mean, is Kate possibly wearing sequined hot pats and a coconut bra under there? Yes, indeed. Regardless: allow me to regale you with a lovely and familiar coat tonight, as well as some primo gazing and a few entertaining bits and bobs left over from earlier today that didn’t make it into our first post.

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Royally Played: Wills and Kate (in Dolce & Gabbana) Take Canada, Day Four, Part One

You guys! I had one brief shining moment where I thought that Kate’s shoes were metallic. It was a mere trick of the light, sadly — we have returned to the land of the Beige Shoe. Regardless, we also have volleyball and wine, which are a consistently winning pairing in my book, and this dress is both very pretty and feels vaguely like it wouldn’t be out of place in a remake of Anne of Green Gables. Which is a compliment in my book.

Also, gee, what terrible weather for wine-tasting:

MISERABLE! We haven’t gotten any wine-tasting photos in yet, but I’ll either update this post when we do, or add them to the next one, which will probably pop up here later tonight. So come on by — and if you’ve missed any of this particular tour, all our posts live here. Read early, read often.

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Royally Played: Wills and Kate (in Preen) Take Canada, Day Three, Part Two

Well, well, well. Wonders will never cease. First, Kate wears red shoes; here, Kate actually (mostly) nails cocktail wear for once in her life, wearing red shoes again. Different red shoes, no less. Kate: What other non-beige shoes have you got hiding in your closet? Do you secretly have a whole section of your walk-in devoted to shoes of all color of the rainbow? BRING THEM OUT, LADY.

Anyway, color me stunned — no pun intended. I think I need to take to my bed. (Sincerely, I actually literally need to take to my bed. It’s nearly 10:30 p.m.) Kate is so much more interesting when she isn’t at home. I wonder why that is? That’s not a rhetorical question. I literally do wonder why that is.

(PS: If you’re looking for coverage of Wills & Kate’s event earlier today, it’s here! It was markedly more casual.)

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