Fugger: Wills and Kate

Royally Played: The Duchess of Cambridge in Alexander McQueen

I love a good coat on a Sunday. (If this one looks familiar,  it’s because she wore it in New Zealand, and then for D-Day [er, the commemoration thereof; she didn't, like, travel back in time to be present, although I'd read that book].) People, as ever, has details on this particular event, which was a service marking the 75th anniversary of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets, of which Kate is now patron (according to that piece, apparently now Prince NibblyCheeks wants to fly a Spitfire, just like everyone else). (This Sunday post was brought to you by the parenthetical aside.)

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Royally Played: Wills Cuts His Hair

FINALLY Wills goes for the close crop — we’ve only been yapping about this FOR AGES — and it looks so much better. In other news, Kate’s re-wearing that Michael Kors tweed she wore over Christmas (she is currently really into tweed, you guys), and Pippa Middleton is sporting a fur turban, which I clearly love. I assume all the Middletons came along to church this Sunday because they’re all over at Anmer Hall for Kate’s birthday, which was yesterday. Wills’s gift was obviously this haircut.

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Royals Round-Up, January 8, 2016

Our last Royals Round-Up was on December 18th, so today’s post is going to cover a whole bunch of stuff that’s happened in the last few weeks — although, technically, not too much happened over the holidays, so don’t worry.

In case you missed it earlier this week, or over the holiday break, we’ve had quite a lot for your royals-reading pleasure:

– Prince George started preschool and he was so cute!

– All the Brits, as usual, went to church on Christmas…

–…and then two days later, on Sunday.

– We looked at 2015′s highlights for Wills and Kate and George and Charlotte.

–And examined the Year in Prince Harry.

– And the highlights for all the rest of the royals. Tiaras! Weddings! Babies!

And elsewhere:

Vanity Fair celebrates QE2′s love of headscarves.

– And Prince Philip was named to British GQ‘s list of best dressed men, well above fellow honoree Prince Harry. (I suspect you will want to eyeball the rest of the list as well.)

– The Bhutanese royals continue to be EXTREMELY good-looking. (Hello!)

– Speaking of, Wills and Kate are going to meet the King and Queen of Bhutan, and compare shiny hair, when they travel to Bhutan in the spring after their previously-announced trip to India (we also learn in this piece that Harry is going to Nepal). The photo opps for all of this are going to be great.

– This is juicy, at The Crown Chronicles: Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon wanted Edward VIII for herself claims new docu-drama

– This is at the Daily Mail, so CLICK AWARE, but the Prince William stuff from the interview with the princes that Ant and Dec did over the break is interesting. I also enjoyed learning that Harry is always over stealing food from Wills and Kate. It seems right. (I haven’t been able to to find a way for those of us in the US to see the entire thing yet, but I’m sure it is, or will be, possible; the Mail does have some video.)

– Speaking of video, Hello! has footage of Charlene, Prince Albert, and the twins, to celebrate their first birthdays. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard Charlene speak before! The kids are lively and SO cute and trying to eat EVERYTHING. I’d also love it if a native French speaker could confirm for me if Albert’s French accents sounds particularly American, because I can TOTALLY understand his French and that was definitely not been the case when I am, say, in France. (If the video doesn’t work for you on Hello‘s site, you can see it on Facebook. The musical choices are…kind of intense.)

– Bustle has kindly run down all of Harry’s notable ladyfriends for us!

– And, finally, in case you’re wondering what Queen Rania’s up to:


2015: The Best of Wills and Kate and George and Charlotte

Please, join me as we take a look back at the Year in Cambridges. (This isn’t everything, not by any means — just moments I thought you might enjoy revisiting/loads of baby shenanigans. Seriously: If you like pictures of other people’s babies, I am here for you. [And if you want to do a deep, deep, deep dive, Wills & Kate's entire archive lives here and it is many, many pages. I left a lot of stuff out this year! Must make room for babies!])

PS: Harry makes a cameo here, but don’t fret: He’s getting an entire retrospective of his own tomorrow. SO MANY WHITE POLO PANTS.


Royally Played: QE2 Drags Everyone To Church

I finally realized why I like these hats on Kate so much, recently: She HAS to pin her bangs back underneath them. I read a very amusing story (surely fictional in terms of sources but possibly not emotionally) over the break that posited that she regrets them; we have all been there.

NOTE: I also threw a photo of Princess Anne from Christmas in here; I don’t know how I missed her except for that I was zonked out when I was working Christmas night. FORGIVE ME. (In case you, too, were zonked out on Christmas and missed it, that post is there. No hand-holding, but ample princes in shorts.)

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Royally Played: The Annual British Christmas Stroll Plus Dirty Soccer


PS: Merry Christmas!


Royals Round-Up, December 18th, 2015

And we’re almost at our final Royals Round-Up of this year, because next Friday is, of course, Christmas! I’m going to do a mini Royals Round-Up on Wednesday, if there is anything to cover, and we’ve got LOADS of royals coverage in our year-end posts – I am bringing you more Harry than you can handle — and of course I’ll be covering the Annual Sandringham Hand-Holding on Christmas day, so don’t be a stranger over the next two weeks. THIS week, however, brings us a turban, and the first sighting of Princes Harry and George in the same location. FINALLY, we know for sure they are not the same person.

In case you missed the action here on GFY this week, Kate re-wore my favorite of her red McQueens for a charity event on Tuesday.

And for your reading interests elsewhere:

– BIG thanks to Bustle, for quoting me in their exploration of the many reasons why this Harry And Pippa Are Dating story is BS.

– I LOVE newsreel footage, and The Court Jeweller has some from King George VI’s 1937 coronation.

– Order of Splendor has a huge post on all of last week’s Nobel shenanigangs, including snaps I couldn’t get for our use. Tiaras!

Hello! explores how Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden takes style inspiration from Kate. (Or, more likely, how there are only a finite number of maternity lines that provide clothing suitable for a woman in their position.)

– This holiday video featuring Princess Estelle is ADORABLE even though I have no idea what anyone is saying or what is even happening.

– They also run down What’s in store for the Cambridges this Christmas? (Christmas is a VERY big plot point in The Royal We so some of these details will be familiar to you, if you read it.) They also run a similar piece in which they note that, one year, a staffer accidentally fell into the tree.  COULD YOU DIE?

– This is clever, at The New Yorker: Ask King Richard III: A Political Advice Column

– This is a heart-warming story via ITV, which proves that QE2 really does read her Christmas cards.

People examines Three Sweet (and Stylish!) Ways Kate Paid Tribute to Diana This Week

– Also at People, George is getting ready to go to nursery school. THEY GROW UP SO FAST.

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