Fugger: Wills and Kate

Royally Played: Wills and Kate (in McQueen) and Harry

So, Wills and Kate and Harry (and the Queen, whatever) hosted a party at Buckingham Palace tonight for Rio Olympians, and Kate wore a pattern again – her patterns are becoming a pattern and I am obviously delighted — AND red shoes. Progress, you guys. It’s even being made at the Dreaded Cocktail Events!

It took forever for photos to come in from this party, and ergo I also bring you MUCH from social media, in addition to our slideshow, as I was concerned this was the only coverage I was going to be able to grab — and frankly there STILL aren’t a ton of photos yet. Luckily, everyone’s Instas and Twitters were on top of things, and I’ll update our slideshow once more pics come in. Until then:

I like it! The length might be a little weird?

I see you laughing in the background with your wine glass, Princess Anne! You cannot hide from me!

This next photo made me laugh. The Body Language Experts at Us Weekly would have only good marks for how their relationship is going, given the level of mirroring happening here:

You two. JUST MAKE OUT! And, finally, some video from inside the event. It’s always fun to get to see the inside of the palace, no?

[Photos: YUI MOK/AFP/Getty Images, Instagram, Twitter (in particular, Emily Andrews, whose Twitter coverage of this event was aces.)]


Royals Round-Up, October 14, 2016

So much to cover today! Wills and Kate had an event which we dealt with earlier in its own post. Also: Mathilde and Phillipe are visiting Japan! Letizia wore an amazing suit! The Spanish princesses were cute! A pretender to a throne (!!!!) got married!

And in case you missed it earlier this week:

Wills and Kate and Harry came out to ride the London Eye.

And Kate took her first solo international visit, to the Netherlands.


The King of Thailand died this week, and apparently the heir to the throne is problematic and, in short…this may all be interesting. [The BBC]

– Speaking of succession questions, in The Express: Queen criticized for lobbying politicians to make Prince Charles head of Commonwealth

– Rumor has it that Kate’s got her stylist making over Wills, too, and I actually think that makeover has been wholly successful. [Vanity Fair]

– At Town and Country: 7 Things to Know About Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend’s Love Affair

– Order of Splendor has fascinating coverage of the Albanian “royal” wedding. (Can you use the word “royal” without air quotes when the groom is a PRETENDER TO THE THRONE? Which is also one of my favorite phrases, also.)

Some great looks from Queen Rania this week:


Royally Played: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (in Erdem) Visit Manchester

A fairly sassy new coat for Kate today, and with navy shoes, to boot. Quite tolerable, madam.

The trip to Manchester involved what must have been a touching stop at Francis House, which provides end-of-life care and grief counseling — and which Diana herself opened 25 years ago.

Twitter has noted that Kate’s earrings seem to echo the ones Diana chose. It could be a coincidence, but given how often these two like to dip into the archives, I’m guessing it was no accident. And it’s a nice touch

I love how this photo makes it look like William is unveiling a plaque of his own face (it’s just his reflection).

Fairly sure he called Harry afterward.

[Photos: Getty]


Royally Played: Kate Visits The Netherlands (in Catherine Walker)

Apparently, Queen Maxima is “out of town” on “another engagement.” I don’t care; I am taking this as a personal affront. How dare you, Maxima? We all wanted to see you SWOOP in to hug Kate — accidentally bashing her on the head with your ginormous hat — before explaining to her that, when you fly to the Netherlands in a suit of this material, you need to lie down, prone in the aisle of the plane, and hold yourself enormously still the entire time to avoid wrinkles. (My prediction, in fact, is that we will never see this suit again because it is CRINKLE CITY.) Sure, sure, the King himself popped out to say hello and let Kate (and us) into his living room to look at his tchotchkes, but still. STILL! I FEEL BETRAYED, MAX.

[Photos: Getty]


Royally Played: Wills, Kate (in Kate Spade) and Harry

The trio is back (for a bunch of events in aid of World Mental Health Day, so good on them). And, because they’re in the UK at the moment, so are Kate’s beige shoes. If I may be honest — as I almost always am — these are the beige ones I dislike the least. They’re allegedly “praline,” so I can make myself believe they are a color. (I would have worn a metallic or picked up the darker eggplant color in this dress but…you know. Baby steps.)

[Photos: Getty Images]


Royally Played: Kate’s Canadian Wardrobe

As we look back on Royal Tour Canada II: The Canadianing,  I think we can all agree that — at the very least! — this tour brought us to new heights of Interesting Shoes for Kate. Cowboy boys! Supergas! Red shoes! Patterned shoes! Has she been reading our pleas? ARE YOU OUT THERE, KATE? Give us a signal.

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