This past weekend marked Remembrance Sunday in the UK — Veterans Day is Wednesday in the United States — and it was marked with far fewer people than usual, of course, due to the pandemic. We do still have our annual assortment of great coats, however, and people looking appropriately serious on balconies. Meghan and Harry marked the event at the Los Angeles National Cemetery as well. (Apparently, Harry asked if someone could lay a wreath for him in London and they told him no, because he’s not a senior royal anymore, and while I technically understand the letter-of-the-law reasoning there, the denial also reads totally petty on the part of the BRF and doesn’t benefit anyone. So good for him for marking the event on his own.)

Just as an FYI, Meghan and Harry’s pics were not (as of my writing) available to us for purchase, so I’m embedding them here. (Also, when I say: “to us,” I don’t mean that we specifically were denied them with a sharply worded letter or anything — they just weren’t on Getty/Shutterstock so I could not get them legally.) Meghan’s coat is gorgeous; it’s by Brandon Maxwell:

As you can see, it was a stunningly beautiful day in Los Angeles this Sunday. (And quite cool, so definitely the right time for coats.)

[Photos: Shutterstock]