This dress (it’s this Emilia Wickstead) is SO much better than the last day dress we saw — I cannot resist a polka dot — that I’m not even going to complain about the espadrilles. (They’re fine! But you don’t need beige shoes with a black and white dress! Wear a color, Kate! What about these, in red? They’re on deep-ass sale, even.)

I guess that was a lie about not complaining. But it was a mild complaint! Just like a whiff of complaining. Anyhoodle, per People Magazine, today Kate launched “the new program, Tiny Happy People…[a] language and literacy initiative [that] aims to address the language gap among children aged under five across the U.K.”

That seems like a good cause. It’s also a very good excuse to look at some cute little noodles:

I am perhaps  in love with that curious baby! Not to mention her tiny baby outfit:

Kate Wickstead Polka Dots-1594684746

That fab pattern with those blue shoes?! Perfect!

This photo is just amusing:

My hair stylist and I recently had a conversation where we agreed that because everyone is wearing a mask now and you can’t really see people smile when they’re happy, we all need to start using jazz hands more often. Apparently, this has caught on in the UK first!

[Photos: Kensington Palace. We use affiliate links]