First: The above photo of Joey King was used on the cover of something called S/Magazine, which I included mostly because I needed embeddable art, although it’s also quite fascinating to me because there are some shots of her in a suit from the same shoot that are much better. Why wouldn’t they go with one of those? This is so bizarre to me. We are being invited right up her nose, and with respect, Highway 2 to Nostril City is not my idea of a fun road trip.

Anyway, Joey is promoting The Kissing Booth 2, a sequel to — wait for it — The Kissing Booth, a surprise rom-com hit for Netflix. I watched it, and I am indeed surprised it was a hit. Although I also love a good-bad teen flick and this one was relatively well-intentioned, if also intermittently nonsensical. There’s a blurb for you. At the end — this is not particularly a spoiler, but also, I do not believe spoilers exist for The Kissing Booth — they make a big show of bringing out a replica of the kissing booth and applauding her for creating it. I hope that means that in the sequel, the kissing booth chases Joey King all through her life. Everywhere she goes, every room she walks into, someone has built a replica of the kissing booth. And someone else is slow-clapping it. You could call it Booth, I Did It Again.

So. The clothes. They are:

This Sotos Nakis outfit looks like The Kissing Booth In Space — which, by the way, when she arrives inside the lunar module? Kissing booth. Right there. Waiting.

This was for the Kelly Clarkson show, and having watched a few of those because I cannot resist Kelly Clarkson, Biker Chic is a very weird vibe for that show. But you know what’s waiting for her when she goes to the garage to pick up her newly buffed and custom painted Harley? Kissing booth. Right behind it. Applause.

For this one, you need to click the arrow to view the second slide — the only other photo of this was essentially a shot of her crotch, and nope — but I am happy that we get to celebrate the ring first. It’s a little weird to me that all her At-Home Fashion shots are so stagey, and at times writhey, but whatever. It’s a pandemic. She’s having fun. And when the fun is done, and she goes back into her room to wash off the remains of the day? Kissing booth. Right there in her shower.

This is CUTE, though. And she has on interesting shoes with it, which is a double win. And in her closet, right next to the rack on which she’ll hang these shoes at the end of the night? Kissing. Booth. Replica. Now, always, forever. INFINITE SEQUELS.