This is a reader request, from someone who is really Going Through It right now…but, truly, I feel like most of us are going through it. Or have just Gone Through It. (I sort of want to apologize to our readers who are not Americans because…well. Many reasons. But this time because we’re very gloomy lately and I know it’s a bummer for those of you who’ve come out the other side of this pandemic, god willing, and just want to read about dumb celebrity pants.) But it might be a useful exercise for us to trade tips and tricks for various ways we’ve cheered ourselves up lately, even if only temporarily. Mine is that I jazzed up my patio space and now it’s very pleasant to be outside at my apartment; I feel extremely fortunate to have some outside space and plan to use it the summer, since I cannot go anywhere at all. Working on my plants gives me some good cheer. So I guess my advice is to go outside if you can? Your turn.