First of all: Before we get into this, masks are not required in the UK when you are outside, as far as I understand it. Whether or not that is prudent is obviously not my decision, as I am not an expert in infectious diseases! (Although I will remind my fellow Americans that the CDC would like us to wear masks, as well might your state. I just bought a very preppy plaid one that I’m excited to wear.) (Well. As excited as person can get about this.) (There did seem to be some hot discussion about this on KP’s Instagram.) (This was an event at a hospital to mark the NHS’s 72nd birthday.) There WAS hand sanitizing:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Visit Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Kate looks like she’s in the middle of a hand-sanitizing-related existential crisis.  William looks like he’s taking his sanitizing VERY seriously. All I want to know is if I will think about ER/Grey’s Anatomy literally every time I wash my hands for the rest of my life, or what? Usually it’s first half of this:

I also feel like everything would be greatly improved by the presence of a vaguely irritated Dr. Peter Benton. I wish he were at this event.

Second: Having said all that, I do feel like Kate could get really into masks that match her patterned day dresses if the UK changes its mind on this topic. Third: Speaking of patterned day dresses….I personally don’t love this one. It’s from her old fave Beulah London and to me it is just somewhat… meh. (If she wanted to go with this vibe, for example, I think the Prada she wore to open the Diana Garden at Kensington Palace is a better call.) (Although I will say that the model at Matches is wearing it unbuttoned and I like it much better that way.  And if you disagree with me, it IS on deep deep sale!) (How many parenthesis can I put into one post?) Let’s discuss!

[Photos: Getty Images]