In fairness, I believe the garden — here at Kensington Palace, right outside where Harry and the Cambridges live when they’re in London — has been open for a bit now. (We featured it in last week’s Royals Round-Up, and my friend Grant visited it when he was in the UK a couple of weeks ago.) But this seems like its official blessing, and it’s certainly an incredibly poignant one. I’ve said this several times, but I can only imagine that William and Harry have been white-knuckling their way through the last several weeks, just waiting for this painful anniversary to have come and gone. I cannot imagine having to publicly relive the worst day of my life every year for twenty years; I hope that the press can, at least in part, put Diana to rest now. Her garden is beyond beautiful — a wonderful tribute to her, and a peaceful one — and her sons are a credit to her too-short stint with them; we’re had documentary upon documentary; and everyone who will speak about her publicly in a way that deserves credence has done so. I understand the grip she has over people; death only heightened the fragile poignancy she often projected in life. But surely, the time has come to allow her memory rest in peace.

To today’s event: it rained (I can’t figure out if that is unfortunate or symbolic), and Kate wore Prada. The print on her dress kind of reminds me of the Diana-centric wallpaper that is inside the public areas of Kensington Palace (it’s an amazing wallpaper), and of course it’s garden-esque. The cut of the dress feels rather 80s, as well, in a way that recalls Diana to me as well. (If it moves you, grab it while you still can, because — as usual with Kate — it is almost sold out.)

There is video, as usual, thanks to the intrepid royals reporters: