And WE’RE BACK IN BUSINESS. Thank god; I HATE the period of time when all the royals just disappear into their castles and yachts and leave me without content. On that tip: Harry and Wills and Kate are going to be dedicating the new garden at Kensington Palace to Diana’s memory on Tuesday, and we’ll of course have full coverage. We have snaps of the garden itself in today’s slideshow, and it is GORGEOUS.

In case you missed it here this week, we also took a deep dive look at EVERYTHING Kate has worn this year, and I found it quite illuminating in terms of tracking her personal taste and trends. If you haven’t taken a look yet, check it out!

And Heather and I wrote a piece for W that I think you’ll enjoy. We had a lot of fun with it: Queen Elizabeth Plots Some Twists For the Next Season of the Royal Family, TV’s Longest-Running Soap Opera.

Elsewhere around the internet:

– People has a fairly comprehensive round-up of what William and Harry said in the upcoming BBC documentary about Diana and, personally, I don’t understand how other people don’t understand why they hate the press. Of course they hate the press. They literally believe the press killed their mother. No wonder William is stand-offish in public and protective of his family. It’s not always the best PR stance, but from a psychological perspective, it’s absolutely in character and makes total sense. They also cover the boys’ take on their part in the funeral (they confirm what everyone knew anyway, which is basically that Philip — as many issues as he has — was very emotionally supportive for them) and, honestly, hearing them talk about this makes me feel so bad for them.  It’s also been interesting to see some of the reactions from older royals reporters, all of whom seem to be in agreement that covering Diana’s death and funeral was basically agonizing.

– Paper Magazine knows what we care about: WHO ARE THE HOTTEST YOUNG ROYALS AND ARTISTOCRATS?

– AWKWARD: Danish Crown Prince Frederik ‘denied entry to Australian pub’. [BBC]

– Also at People: Those little Twins of Monaco are so cute!

– This seems like something Kate Watchers might want to know: LK Bennett is having a big sale at the moment. (If you use the code LABORDAY17, you get 40% off sale prices.) I wish Kate would buy THESE shoes. (I totally bought these shoes. I’ve been stalking them for months!)

Fantastically, the remastered Movietone film of Charles and Diana’s wedding is now on YouTube and IT IS A THING TO EXPERIENCE:

(If it’s not loading above, a quick refresh should fix.)

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