To those of you in the path of the hurricane, please be safe.

Heather and I wrote a piece for W that I think you’ll enjoy. We had a lot of fun with it: Queen Elizabeth Plots Some Twists For the Next Season of the Royal Family, TV’s Longest-Running Soap Opera.

Also, if you missed it, we wrote the Official GFY Game of Thrones Finale Drinking Game.

And rounded up THE WORST LOOKS OF THE SUMMER. Jeez, this summer was a wasteland. Having said that, the VMAs are Sunday, so things are about to get interesting.

Speaking of the VMAs, we rounded up a variety of VMAs-related things: Enjoy our History of Taylor Swift at the VMAs, our History of Katy Perry at the VMAs (she’s hosting this year), and our look back at the VMAs of 2007 (spoiler: they were SHINY).

I loved this piece at On She Goes, about some of the best LA locations in Insecure. I feel like I say this all the time, but Insecure feels more like Los Angeles to me than any other show shot here  — other, actually, than The People vs. OJ Simpson, and one overlap is that both shows use locations so judiciously and often.  The OTHER overlap is that Amber Haley is the set designer for both of them.

This was SO INTERESTING, at Pajiba, so full of twists and turns and bizarre celebrity cameos: Did This Book Buy Its Way Onto The New York Times Bestseller List?

I can only quote Lainey on this one: Sit DOWN, James Cameron. But seriously, James Cameron. Sit down. Take a seat. Take all the seating. Remove the opportunity for anyone else to sit because you’ve sat down so completely.

Speaking of Lainey, I ALSO turn to her on All Things VMAs Related, namely: Taylor v. Katy, with a dash of Beyonce (and, of course, Taylor’s new song is about Kanye). DRAMA! (I really did not like Taylor’s newest. I prefer my Taylor Swift to be full of longing, or making fun of her exes, rather than being self-righteously upon her high horse.) (I also, upon hearing this, for the first time in my life thought, “I wonder what Kim’s gonna do about this.”)

On the topic of the VMAs, Vanity Fair brings us The V.M.A.s Red Carpet and the Couples That Time Forgot.

Sterling K Brown is handsome and great in GQ.

“Let me be clear, c’est moi le boss. I’m not playing bossy. I am the boss.” Celine Dion continues to be her very very very best self. [National Post]

The New Yorker has an amazing piece about the principal embroiderer for Game of Thrones.

Celebitchy answers a question we didn’t know we needed answered: Shania Twain: Brad Pitt’s naked photos in the ’90s didn’t impress me much. Honestly, though, I am really kinda glad I know this fact now.

Somehow I stumbled on this recipe for a rose wine slushie at The New Potato and now I feel like…I must have it.

And this is a great When Harry Met Sally-theme menu, at Good. Food. Stories.

This question was on my mind a lot this week: When the dragon ate the sun: how ancient peoples interpreted solar eclipses. [Vox]

Into The Gloss asks a vital and important question: What’s The Most $$$ Part Of Your Beauty Routine?

I know you like to look at over-the-top clutches. Refinery29 rounded up a whole bunch of them. Some of them are SO EXPENSIVE. If only I’d won the Power Ball.

At Revelist: This constellation skirt ACTUALLY LIGHTS UP. It’s honestly really cute. If I were a science teacher, I would totally get one. Or a quirky astronomer. Or a person who worked at an Observatory.  Or…well, there are lots of options!