This seems like a good cause!

I know she did not do all (or most!) of this herself, but I like the idea of Kate on the horn at Anmer, all like, “goddamnit, Boots, I KNOW you’ve got more diaper cream than that, WHY ARE YOU HARDBALLING ME HERE?” (I realize the Brits probably don’t call it “diaper cream.” Let me guess…uh, “nappy balm”? “Bum salve?”)  Anyway, baby banks seem like a great and helpful thing — What Kate Wore has excellent coverage about this, as usual — and I guess she’s been working on this for a while, as we also got these snaps from July:

I feel like that dress (which seems cute?) might be too LONG to wear with those sneakers, but I appreciate the casual vibe. The dress for this event is a re-wear — it’s a Suzannah number that she wore to Wimbledon last year — but this time, it’s paired with grey snakeskin (!!!) pumps. Kate! Well shod! I’m proud.  As far as the mask goes, it’s a fifteen pound Liberty-print one from Amaia London, and 30% of proceeds go to the NHS. Are we entering a period where I start buying face masks I saw on Kate Middleton instead of day dresses? This year is bad.

[Photos: Shutterstock]