Kate is one of the patrons of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, and a huge tennis fan, so she comes out to take in some tennis at Wimbledon every year — but this was an early visit, and she spent a lot of time on non-center court, which I think is a first from her, before moving to the Royal Box. (As I’m typing this, she is literally on my TV screen watching Serena.) (If it were me, I would just spend the whole day at Wimbledon, noodling around talking to people and drinking champagne and presumably eventually getting sunstroke.)

KP’s Instagram account is ON IT:

Clothing-wise, the dress is by Suzannah and it’s called — this is great — the “Flippy Wiggle” dress. (No, YOU’RE a flippy wiggle.) For my money, I like it better as shown there, without the black belt. (Which is an old McQueen belt that Kate digs out whenever she doesn’t know what to do with belts.) It feels summerier without the black belt to me? She’s also carrying a new McQueen bag that I desperately love (and which isn’t available to buy at the moment, which is for the best on a personal level), and, always, a great pair of Tennis Ray-Bans. I love Summer Royal Sunglasses Season.

Let’s get these Sportfaces started!

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