Fug File: Fugs and Pieces

Fugs and Pieces, October 21st, 2016

Time for some procrastinatory reading material!

'Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female' Awards 2016

– Racked asks Why Women Love Loud Shoes. Loud as in clickity clackety, not as in bright.

– The New York Times magazine, T, had a lovely feature this past week called To the First Lady, With Love. Not for nothing, but FLOTUS also looks FANTASTIC in the photos.

– Kim France wrote a very touching essay called This Is Not My Beautiful House for Medium.

– Whoo hoo! Target’s next collab is with Victoria Beckham! [Refinery29]

– Thank you, Lainey. I needed some Idris Elba this week.

– Speaking of! Over at The Ringer, Allison P. Davis (who I love) interviews Lainey herself.


– At Pajiba:  Listen, Shut Up: The Unflappable Coolness of Allison Janney. Amen.

– This is a really interesting piece about high-frame-rate cinema (the new Ang Le movie is in HFR and apparently watching it is really unpleasant, in a literal sense). [Slate]

– Per Bon Appetit: ‘Election Cake’ Makes a Modern Day Resurgence. LET’S EAT SOME.

Vogue brings us The Most Memorable Moments from Jackie O’s Marriage to Aristotle Onassis, and it’s all very glam.

– Via Celebitchy, apparently Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky are dating. She has wide-ranging tastes in dudes.

Town and Country brings us sixteen Halloween cocktails, so drink up.

– Speaking of drinking, via The Telegraph, I bring you a very British headline:  Maths team plots route between 25,000 UK boozers. In case you want to know the speediest way to visit every pub in the UK.

– At Revelist, two women ate their way through the Gilmore Girls cookbook.

And, if you missed anything at GFY this week, some highlights:


Fugs and Pieces: October 14, 2016

This time next month, Americans, the election will be over! Until then…well, I’m still going to have to write three more of these, but regardless. Here are some hopefully diverting things for you to read.

– Thrillist runs down the thirty best rom-coms of all time! I feel like Broadcast News was robbed and also wonder if Broadcast News was disqualified for not having a sufficiently romantic ending. (I do think that number one choice is a VERY STRONG one, though. I cannot argue with it.)

– Look at all these cute patterned boots! (The New Potato)

– So pretty, at Insider: The most incredible microscope images of 2016 reveal a beautiful, hidden universe.

The Atlantic looks at How Friday Night Lights Democratized TV Drama

– At Esquire: Bryan Cranston Was Briefly Suspected of Murdering His Nemesis. I mean….we’ve all been there.

– Pajiba published a VERY BRAVE piece:  In Defense of Candy Corn

– At Refinery29: The Evolution Of The Striped Shirt Trend (& One Of The Key Brands Behind It)

– Here’s your recipe for the week, thanks to Camille Styles:  “Kitchen Sink” Halloween Chocolate Bark

BrollyStick CanvasBag got a haircut! (Celebitchy)

– Matthew McConaughey looks bonkers in the trailer for his new movie. (Lainey)

– This is so great, at Atlas Obscura: Inside the New York Public Library’s Last, Secret Apartments

– At Design*Sponge: 11 New Fall TV Shows with Great Sets

And, if you missed anything at GFY this week, some highlights:



Fugs and Pieces: October 7th, 2016

Happy baseball weekend, friends! And if you’re in the path of Hurricane Matthew, please stay safe and dry. And thank you for being a friend. Speaking of…


– YOU GUYS. We need these Golden Girls action figures! [Elle]

– At Jezebel, this is a great piece: A Seat at the Table Is Solange’s Sermon for the Self

– At the New York Times: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Advice for Living. (Fun trivia fact I just learned: Nabokov was RBG’s lit professor. No big.)

– This piece at Buzzfeed, about making Real World/Road Rules Challenge (or whatever they’re calling it now [jk, I know it's called now just THE CHALLENGE) is really interesting.

-- At Previously.Tv: Sarah Michelle Gellar Talking Angrily To A Picture Of Erica Kane. Oh, Kendall. I loved you.

-- Over at Lainey, it's TIM RIGGINS. ENJOY.

-- Vulture is doing an interesting series right now. To quote their intro: Every week between now and February 26, 2017, when the winners of the Academy Awards are announced, Vulture will consult its crystal ball to determine the changing fortunes in this year's Oscars race. In our Oscar Futures column, we'll let you in on insider gossip, parse brand-new developments, and track industry buzz to figure out who's up, who's down, and who's currently leading the race for a coveted Oscar nomination."

-- I retweeted this article at Slate before I realized that I am actually quoted in it. It's that on brand. Ahem: An Interview With the Tiny House Hunters Couple Who Bought a Literal Burned-Down Shack for $155,000

-- At Pajiba: The Creepiest Podcast Episodes for Your October Listening Pleasure. This is very useful!

-- Amazing, at Vanity Fair: A Look at 40 Years of Peter Lindbergh's Luscious Portrait and Fashion Photography

-- Also at VF, a very interesting piece on blind items.

-- I laughed out loud at this headline on Celebitchy:  Chrissy Teigen opens and reads Rihanna’s mail that comes to her house. (Also, a good time to note that I have now cooked about half of Chrissy's cookbook and it's STILL legit my favorite cookbook of the year so far.)

-- Food related: You may enjoy this interview at The A.V Club with an in-flight dining critic.

-- At Town and Country: A History of Ginormous and Ridiculously Tiny Handbags

-- Did you hear about that very silly article which posited that young women should aim to be more like "Shakespeare's heroines" than Kim Kardashian? Obviously, everyone in the world was like, "um.....you mean, like, plot with your husband to literally murder the king, or fake your own death to annoy your parents just because they don't like the dude you met at a party like a week ago and then commit suicide when he commits suicide because the priest in your town is terrible at communicating?" Revelist presents nine Shakespeare heroines who are worse role models than Kim Kardashian.

And in case you missed anything at GFY this week, some highlights:

[Golden Girls Action Figure photo by Funko.com]


Fugs & Pieces, September 30th, 2016

Oy vey, how is tomorrow October already? September, we hardly knew ye. Despite that Los Angeles is hot as the surface as the sun, I am emotionally ready for fall, and it’s all like this in my heart now:

GQ had a fascinating article about how we trace guns in America. Spoiler: Not very well, and yet, extremely, extremely well at the same time. This is a great, compelling piece of journalism.

– Also at GQGQ is hitting it out of the park this week — is this wonderful essay by Michael Chabon about taking his son to Paris Fashion Week. It will really just squeeze your heart; I cried at the end To wit: “From the moment he became himself, what made Abe different—from his siblings, from classmates, from most of the children who have ever lived—was the degree of comfort he felt with being different. Everybody wants to stand out from the crowd, but so few of us have the knack, and fewer still the stomach for bearing up under the crush of conformity. It was always Abe’s rare gift not just to stand out, and bear up, but to do those things with panache. And the way in which he expressed his difference most reliably, and with the greatest panache, was through dressing up.” (It also reminds me how very much I love Chabon’s writing.)

– For Grub Street’s 10th birthday, they’re having former Grub Street Dieters do their diet now as compared to their past ones, and it’s great. You guys know how much I LOVE Grub Street Diet. I particularly liked this one from Stacy London (whom I love).

New African Woman has an interesting profile of Kibonen Nfi, a Cameroonian designer who’s a favorite of Lupita Nyong’o.

– This is great, at Deadspin: Pakistan’s National Baseball Team Just Wants You To Know They Exist

– At Vulture, Heather and I got to write a piece pitting Don and Betty Draper against Homer and Marge Simpson, in their Battle of Great TV Couples.

–Pajiba salutes the Inimitable, Exhausting Wonder Of Physical Books

– This piece at The Ringer about John Mayer is a little bit mean and a lot bit funny.

– I always like reading Lainey’s take on the way tabloids cover gossip — here, about the way the Brangelina divorce is being covered. (You know I’m into the logistics of the press.)

– Also interesting: her take on whether Disney is really going to buy Twitter. My personal response was: As much as I am wary of the Mouse owning everything, maybe Disney would actually do something about Twitter’s giant issue with abuse!

– Racked asked, “Honestly, Why Do Clutches Even Exist?” And the answer is actually very interesting.

– Also at Racked, this great piece about Dress For Success. This will warm your heart, and also make you want to volunteer for Dress For Success. Did you know that it got off the ground with the help of a bunch of New York City nuns? Fascinating, and moving.

– At Revelist: The 25 most absurdly ‘sexy’ Halloween costumes based on TV and movie characters, ranked. Dibs on Sexy Chewbacca!

– The New Potato promises A MAJOR HOROSCOPE UPDATE!

– Just gonna leave this Celebitchy headline here: Tom Hiddleston goes full ‘leather daddy’ for Interview Mag.

– You will love this, at Atlas Obscura: A Guide to the Real-Life Homes of the Heroes of Children’s Literature. I have friends in Portland who live very close to Klickitat Street, home of Ramona and the rest of the Quimbys, and I screamed with glee when we drove past it, last time I visited.

– Bloomberg had a really fascinating piece about how the cast of Hamilton negotiated profit-sharing, which sounds dry, but is NOT.

– And, finally, this is really old, but I just stumbled onto it recently and enjoyed it, and so might you: Paste Magazine salutes vintage cookbook illustrations.

And, in case you missed anything at GFY this week:



Fugs and Pieces, September 23rd, 2016

Happy Friday, everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am tired. Some of that might be because we started this week on Sunday with the Emmys. If you missed any of our coverage, you can find it all here.

Also a great and far-ranging discussion happened in our post about the Brangelina Break-Up, which I think you’ll enjoy (or at least find interesting) if you haven’t already gotten into it.

And, elsewhere:

– I cried throughout this wonderful article at ESPN about Vin Scully. I have, in fact, cried five or six times about Vin Scully’s retirement this week alone. That is not hyperbole; I am honestly distraught. As many of you may know, I am a native Los Angeleno. So is my mother. So was her mother. My father moved here when he was a year old. I’ve had family in Los Angeles for over 100 years. We are all Dodgers fans. I don’t mean casually. My first word was “dog,” because my grandfather had a dog. But my first sentence, the first thing my family taught me to say, was “yay Dodgers!” (I had a hard time with my Ls and Ys, so it usually came out “lay, Dodgers!” — or, I suppose if I was feeling French, “Les Dodgers!”)  We always had the Dodgers on TV, every night, during baseball season. And that meant Vin Scully’s comforting, elegant, perfect voice filtered through every single summer of not only my life, but also my parents’ lives. Sometimes I would be watching the game intently. Sometimes I would have the game on while I read a book. But the game was always on. I know that baseball fans understand how great Vin is. But for Dodgers fans, Vin is quite sincerely a member of our families and has a tiny piece of all of our hearts. I cannot express to you how much he means to this city, and how emotionally unprepared we all are to turn on the TV or the radio and not hear him wishing us a pleasant evening, wherever we may be.

– Robin Givhan — one of my favorite writers; not just of fashion, but period — wrote for the WaPo about the dress Rosa Parks was carrying the night she didn’t move to the back of the bus, a dress that is now on display in the new National Museum of African American History and Culture, which the Post has covered at fascinating length, and which I very much want to visit. It opens tomorrow.

– I also recommend John Lewis’s essay about the process of making the museum a reality. It is beautifully written, of course — I picked at least six different portions to quote. I recommend reading the entire piece, but if not, at least read this: “[I]n the final analysis the truth can lead to only one conclusion: We are one people, one family, the American family. We all live in one house, the American house, the world house. It will lead us to see the divine spark that resides in each and every one of us and is a part of the entire creation. It will lead us to see that we are more alike than we are different, that we are not separate, but we are one.”

– I loved this, at Racked, and I think you will also enjoy it: The Politics of Pockets

– I really loved this piece at Curbed: 101 smallest things you can do for your city. I, in fact, cried when I saw the photo of Bill Cunningham they used to illustrate part of it. (I am emotional this Fugs & Pieces; I cried at Vin, John Lewis made me cry, and I also cried over Bill.)

– This GoFundMe to bring back Hart of Dixie made me cry also, except laughing. It’s really funny. To wit: “I want to bring back Wade’s jerk brother Jesse for an altercation choreographed by a team of professional Hollywood fight choreographers. This fight will end in Jesse’s death and Earl’s resultant spiral back into the dark pit of addiction.  For this scene I need no fewer than 300 baby goats.”

– Speaking of Brangelina, Anne Helen Peterson wrote an amazing and brilliant piece about it at Buzzfeed.

– And Lainey has been KILLING IT with her coverage of the ins and outs. Like, she’s written SO MUCH about it over the last few days. If you need the latest, she’s there for you. (I was also interested in her take on how Chelsea Handler — one of Aniston’s best friends — is handling this whole thing. In short: Chelsea is acting like a jerk.)

– I liked this piece at Vogue about Chatsworth House.

– At Pajiba:  Emma Watson Still Kicking Misogyny’s Ass: College Edition

– Esquire has a long piece with Andrea Tantaros about why she is suing Fox News that is worth your time.

– At Collectors Weekly: Roadside Curiosities: Things That Make You Go “What the Heck?”

– All 139 Grey’s Anatomy characters: RANKED. [Revelist]

– Related, at The AV Club: Shonda Rhimes’ characters are defined by what they drink

Other highlights you might have missed this week at GFY:


Fugs and Pieces, September 16th, 2016

Happy Friday, Fug Nation! The Emmys are on Sunday, so as usual we will be live-tweeting the red carpet on Twitter at FugGirls, and then ALSO as usual we’ll deluge you with coverage here on Monday.

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That boring stuff out of the way, let’s move on:

– Via WaPo: Skeleton of teenage girl confirms cannibalism at Jamestown colony. !!!!

– At Racked: The Distinct Pleasure of the House Dress. I am wearing a house dress right now!

– A high school student in Sherman Oaks, CA, invented an app to help kids find people to eat their lunches with, which is so sweet, and I hope it takes off like crazy and everyone has awesome lunches from now on. FYI, if you ever run into me or Heather at a social event, please know that you can always hang out with us. Do not be put off by my Resting Murderer Face! (This reminds me, H and I went to see Waitress while we were in New York — it’s wonderful — and a Fug National came up and said hello and it was AWESOME to met her.) [NPR]

– There’s a rumor, via Lainey, that Diane Kruger is dating Garett Hedlund. He was with Kirsten Dunst for several years, until recently, so I can see that he might have a type? (Kiki is now allegedly dating FNL’s Landry, which is delightful.) Diane’s shirt is…compelling.

– Collectors Weekly brings us 7-Up’s Most Beautiful, Hallucinatory Billboards

– At Pajiba, they’re enumerating The Best Performances In an Otherwise Terrible Movie

– At Girls of a Certain Age, they’re talking about top ten wardrobe musts – the kind of post I live for.

– At The New Potato, a classic apple pie recipe.

– I LIVE for the wallpaper in this Victorian house featured on Design*Sponge.

– Over at Celebitchy, I learned that ALLEGEDLY Taylor Swift has set her cap for Zac Efron, which seems like a bad idea all around.

– At Revelist: 9 ways ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘One Tree Hill’ were actually the same show

– And, if you missed anything around GFY this week, some highlights: