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Fugs and Pieces, April 22nd, 2016

Happy Friday from the UK! We are having a wonderful time here, thanks to our friends at Visit Britain, and hope you can follow along with us on our Twitter, our Instagrams (this is Heather’s, this is mine), and our Snapchat, where we are FugGirls, and we are ridiculous. Elsewhere:

– It was Charlotte Bronte’s 200th birthday this week, and The Atlantic examines Jane Eyre and the Invention of the Self. I would never name Charlotte as my favorite of the Bronte’s — I prefer Emily — but I will always appreciate her for giving us the “Reader, I [WHATEVER],” construct, which is perfection, and I have likewise enjoyed being able to make a lifetime of jokes about people shutting their crazy wives up in the attic and never thinking to mention them again, including to the women whom they were about to marry, MR ROCHESTER.

– And, at Brainpickings: Charlotte Bronte’s Beautiful and Heartbreaking Love Letters of Unrequited Affection

– I really like the name Chrissy Teigen and John Legend choose for their little girl. (Lainey)

– Two years ago, Vulture collected 24 Outrageous Prince Stories, and they are still wonderful to read.

– And, at the Washington Post, the always wonderful Robin Givhan writes about his style. I love the title of this piece: Prince broke all the rules of fashion, and damn did he look good.

– For more Prince links, visit our Prince retrospective and scroll to the bottom; it includes the fact that the Hamilton cast performed “Let’s Go Crazy” at last night’s show. !!

– Mental Floss has an oral history of the time Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone’s vault — 30 years ago this week.

– At Celebitchy, apparently Cheryl Burke really hates Ian Ziering. How utterly random.

– At Smithsonian, Inside the Grand Plan to Send Humans to Mars

– Visit Britain rounded up pubs that Shakespeare drank in, which are still serving. I wish I’d gone to one this week!

– This is funny, at Pajiba: The Thinking Person’s Most Regrettable ’90′s Crushes

– At Time, I love these vintage posters of national parks. (Via Girls of a Certain Age)

Here’s all the intel on all the new faces on the US money — news we missed a bit being in the UK. I am really excited for all these new bills; it’s about damn time (this last post is quite interesting, as well). (The New York Times)

– This is fascinating: 400-year-old dress found in shipwreck sheds light on plot to pawn crown jewels (The Guardian)


Fugs and Pieces, April 15th, 2016

Don’t forget to pay your taxes, Americans!

– This is a super piece at Vox about the making of The Americans in which the reporter, Caroline Framke, shadowed the creative team for five months.

– This piece in the Tampa Bay Times about the lies of so-called  farm-to-table is really compelling.

– This is a wonderful piece at Refinery 29: The Ugly Reality Of Quitting Your Job & Moving To Paradise

Tessa Thompson has been cast in the new Thor, which is awesome news. (Lainey)

– Kind of thematically in keeping with Wills and Kate’s current tour, I enjoyed this at Design*Sponge: 10 Indian Ceramic Brands

– This is a lovely New York Times piece celebrating Beverly Cleary’s 100th birthday! May she have 100 years more.

Kiki Dunst and Country Strong have broken up, which saddens me, because they were cute together and — obviously — I only want Kirsten to be happy. I don’t know what happened, but Team Dunst. (Celebitchy)

Potato pizza? YES PLEASE. (Smitten Kitchen)

– In which we learn that Anna Wintour has seated Idris Elba right next to her at the upcoming Met Ball, because she is human after all. (Fashionista)

– I’m simply going to quote this Gawker article: This Argument in British Parliament Is Just Extremely Good Shit

Thrillist has ranked all the Real Housewives, and I have NOTES. For one thing, there is WAY too much Miami on this list! NO Miami Housewife should be ranked above Alex McCord! I also — why I do understand the reasoning — do not like the #1 ranking, because I haaaaate her.

– Did you hear that AMC is considering allowed texting in movie theatres? I AM OUT. (Pajiba)

And, here at GFY, in case you missed it, some highlights:


Fugs & Pieces, April 1st, 2016

There will be no April Fools jokes in this post. READ WITHOUT FEAR.

ALSO! The paperback of The Royal We — with bonus chapter! — comes out on April 26th, and Heather and I will be at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on April 9th and 10th. All the details on both of these developments are here!

– This is so great, at the New York Times: What I Learned From Kristi Yamaguchi

– This was made for me! At The Stylist, 35 of the best Breton tops. Do go on!

– I enjoyed this piece about Parker Posey and Snapchat at W. She’s the best.

– Also the best? Zoe Kazan, who I love, and who talked to Nylon about some of her new projects.

– At Lainey, MUCH Hiddleston for you. (I had a dream the other night that Hiddleston and I were married. We were very happy together.)

– At Man Repeller: Five Women of Color Get Real About the Fashion Industry.

– I wanna try Dorilocos SO BAD. (Eater)

– Can you guess the Mean Girls line with just a screengrab? 12 FOR 12 YOU GUYS. (Vulture)

– Over at Pajiba, I suspect you will enjoy Peter Dinklage’s SNL promos.

– Via Celebitchy, this is BONKERS:  Justin Bieber fans who paid $2k to meet him had to pose with a cardboard cutout. OH BIEBS.

– At The New Potato: 17 Face Masks To Do This Weekend. Well, if you insist.

– This week’s recipe is via Smitten Kitchen — a personal go-to! — and it’s a chocolate peanut butter tart, YES PLEASE.

– Anne Helen Peterson’s piece on Ben Affleck is so good. (Buzzfeed)

– I LOVE this video. Paris in two minutes, oh la la!

(Bonjour Paris | A Hyper-Lapse Film – In 4K from Tyler Fairbank on Vimeo.)

And, finally, in case you missed anything around GFY this week, some highlights:


Fugs and Pieces, March 25th, 2016

I know it’s spring break for a lot of people, that those of you in the UK are on a bank holiday weekend already, and some of you might have a short day today because it’s Good Friday. Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying it.

Beverly Cleary turns 100 on April 12th, and Today sent Jenna out to talk to her. It’s really a lovely segment; when Judy Blume says that Beverly Cleary is her hero, I might have cried. (Today)

– Over at Lainey, Idris Elba is looking good. (I mean, obviously. BUT STILL.)

– I think we all needed this, thanks to Atlas Obscura: The Ultimate Spring Baby Animal Cam Compendium

Ten seasons of Michael Kors’s zingers in five minutes. Including my favorite, “SHE HAS AN AVOCADO GOITER.” (They did not include the time he said it looked like someone was wearing a brioche, which is my REAL favorite.) (Previously.TV)

– We have Fug Madness, Pajiba has the Fictional Character Sex Tournament. Must I specify that this post is full of saucy language? It is. It also contains the very good life advice, “DON’T HAVE SEX WITH WIZARD EVA BRAUN.”

– The New Potato interviewed Tori Spelling and apparently her ideal dessert is flan. I mean, I like flan, but of all the desserts in the world?

– I love this interview with Darren Star in this week’s Entertainment Weekly.

– The Frisky asks, Why Is Martha Stewart Drunkenly Riding A Hoverboard in Qatar? Why NOT?

– I really love MTV’s weekly piece, DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT, which is about all the dumb shenanigans celebrities get up to on the Twitters.

– On that tip, this is about everything I like: The History of Cocktail Menu Design (Imbibe)

– And, speaking of, here’s this week’s recipe, at Good. Food. Stories.: Aaron Burr, Sir: A Milk Punch Cocktail. This post is fascinating, and covers history, Hamilton, AND booze.

– Via Celebitchy, I KNOW you want to eyeball Jason Momoa.

– At Smithsonian: Europe’s eight most endangered cultural landmarks.

– Also at Lainey, please help me crack this Blind Item.

And here at GFY, in case you missed it, a few highlights:


Fugs and Pieces, March 18th, 2016

Happy Madness! Hope your March Madness is going well, and, as ever, don’t forget to vote for your Fug Madness brackets!

– First and most importantly: The Matthews are SO CUTE in their Wine Show. You wouldn’t think it would be that cute to see Matthew Goode open a bottle of wine, but it is. (Also, this is a great reminder of how GOOD Rhys’s American accent is.)

– This amused me. Pajiba has a whole post that’s just pics of actors with and without beards. It’s called BEARD OR NO BEARD.

– I feel like…you need to see this, obviously: Watch Emma Watson and Lin-Manuel Miranda Sort the Founding Fathers into Hogwarts Houses. Emma is FANTASTICALLY Hermione-y about this. (Playbill)

–On that tip, at EW: 10 historical facts that didn’t make it into Hamilton

– I literally laughed out loud at this headline on Lainey: Everyone looks bored in X-Men: Apocalypse

– Also at Lainey, I want to figure out this Blind Item, you guys.

– Look at all this fab bathroom tile! (SF Girl By Bay)

– The New York Daily News put together a whole piece about famous guest stars on Murder She Wrote, bless them.

– At Mental Floss, here’s the best scientific image of the year! (It’s ebola. Sincerely.)

– At Vulture: The Miracle of Hair on The People v. O.J. Simpson: Brow Toupees, Bad Beard Trims, and ‘the World’s Tiniest Wig’

– Over at Celebitchy, this short list for the Young Han Solo project sort of makes me want to jump off a cliff.  Not because any of them seem so terrible, but just because…the very concept of a non-Harrison Ford Han Solo bums me out.

– At the New York Times,‘Valley of the Dolls,’ Pitched to a New Generation

– At Design*Sponge, What’s In Your Toolbox?

– At Atlas Obscura: Found: Two Secret Rooms in King Tut’s Tomb. !!!!!!

– This dude lives in a plane. (A retired one. Not in the air.) That sounds like hideous torment to me.

– This week’s recipe is thanks to Good. Food. Stories: Tomato-Vanilla Jam. Just trust Casey.

– And here at GFY,


Fugs and Pieces, March 11, 2016

This week went so quickly! I needed another day to get all my stuff done, I feel like. Maybe I just need a clone. While we consider the usefulness of clones, please enjoy the following:

– Per Smithsonian, Mr. Darcy’s Wet Shirt is Coming to the United States. FIELD TRIP!

– The BBC had an in-depth look at the only thing I’ve ever truly loved: the Breton-striped shirt.

I’m obsessed with this look at how people are still playing chess by mail, over at Atlas Obscura. (Don’t you feel like you’ve read a variety of books over the years where SOMEONE is playing chess by mail?) It is fascinating.

– Over at All Things Georgian, a look at the big hair of the 70s. The 1770s.

– I am very perplexed by the fact that Selma Blair is apparently dating David Foster now? (Lainey)

People brings us a look at every wedding gown on Downton Abbey.

– At Collectors Weekly, an interesting look indeed at the history of perfume.

– This week, Racked brings us this very interesting read about Isaac Mizrahi.

– Buzzfeed brings us 24 of Whitley Gilbert’s most iconic lines. I cannot tell you how much I loved Whitley Gilbert when I was a girl. VERY much. The outfits in these screengrabs are also AMAZING. WHAT IS DWAYNE WAYNE EVEN WEARING. (I love you, Dwayne.)

– Bless our friend Sally Holmes at Elle, who wore a whole post that’s just hot dudes in shorts. YOU UNDERSTAND ME, SALLY.

– At Pajiba:  Not Your Korean Sidekick: The Frustrating Career of John Cho. I personally want more John Cho in everything, always.

– This is an interesting interview at The New Potato with astrologer Susan Miller, although I…have notes on some of what she says.

– This is interesting but ultimately really sad and concerning: The Washington Post caught up with US figure-skater Debi Thomas, and things have not gone well for her. (I LOVED Debi Thomas. I was so nervous when she skated at the Olympics that I literally had to leave the room. I went upstairs and paced around my bedroom.)

– At Celebitchy: Helen Mirren is the best.

– You KNOW I love luggage. Girls of a Certain Age looks at the elusive stylish rolling bag.

–And here at GFY, in case you missed it, a selection of posts you might want to read:

Finally, a gentle reminder that the paperback of The Royal We will be released in about six weeks. Order it now, and it will just ARRIVE at your door!


Fugs and Pieces, March 4th, 2016

We made it through the Oscars! If you haven’t voted on Fug Nation’s Best Dressed of the Oscars, or Fug Nation’s Worst Dressed of the Oscars, make sure you get over there and weigh in.

While we wait for the Downton finale on Sunday, you should know that Matthews Rhys and Goode have a show on ITV that’s just them being charming in Italy and drinking wine. WHY are we not all extras in this program? Look at it:

– Heather and I also weighed in on Oscar fashion for Cosmo.

– As we wait for the Downton finale, print out Maclean’s Downton Finale Bingo Cards!

– Pajiba brings us The Worst Lessons from 90s Teen Movies.

Paper takes a look back at the late, non-lamented mani-cam.

— Your cocktail recipe of the week might be much needed this time of year: The Penicillin.

– Columbia Journalism Review wonders, why are horoscopes and media a match? It’s very interesting.

– It’s an oral history of The Golden Girls! (Frontiers)

– At The Hollywood Reporter: ‘Mad Max’ Costume Designer Jenny Beavan on Her Oscar Win: “I Don’t Mind in the Least If They Didn’t Clap”

– I feel like we need to talk about this news that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are dating. (Lainey)

Racked has a long, interesting read about Kate Spade, in which both Heather and I are quoted. I would like to note for the record that — as regular readers surely know — when I say that Spade reminds me of something “your crazy old aunt” would wear, that is a compliment, as I PERSONALLY like to dress like someone’s crazy old aunt.

– Claire Zulkey looked at seven decades of Playboy centerfolds, and reports back.

– Amy Adams DID NOT have a good time filming American Hustle. The more I read about David O Russell, the more grossed out I am by Jennifer Lawrence’s relationship with him. (Celebitchy)

– Look at all these jeans! (The New Potato)