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Fugs and Pieces, July 17th, 2015

First! The Royal We is now available in English in e-book in many many MANY MANY countries, one of which is probably yours!  And, in most of these places, it’s currently on massive (massive) sale, so snap it up while you can — it should be on all platforms that you use for your e-book reading, from Kindle to Kobo to iBooks, but here are the Amazon links for those of you in the countries where GFY has the most readers, just for ease of use:

Thanks so much for all of your support of our book; we appreciate it more than we can say. AND NOW, to your weekly linkage!

– This is a great article, in the New York Times, about Tay Hohoff, who edited To Kill a Mockingbird. I love this anecdote: “One winter night, as Charles J. Shields recounts in Mockingbird: A Portrait of Harper Lee, Ms. Lee threw her manuscript out her window and into the snow, before calling Ms. Hohoff in tears. ‘Tay told her to march outside immediately and pick up the pages,’ Mr. Shields writes.” It is amazing to read that someone as brilliant as Lee wanted to throw her manuscript out the window; apparently that really is a universal feeling for writers of all skill levels.

– Further, on the Mockingbird/Watchman front, this is a very sobering piece from Bloomberg about whether or not its publication is truly at Lee’s behest. I personally decided not to read Go Set a Watchman a couple of weeks ago — before the reviews — because it seemed to me, from what I had read, that its publication was likely not actually her decision, and I didn’t feel comfortable reading what was a first draft being posited as a sequel. I am interested in the book as a historical artifact — my degree is in English literature, and I specialized in the American novel of the 20th century, so this is really in my wheelhouse, academically speaking — but not like this. I totally understand if other people feel differently, though.

– This is an autoplay video, FYI, so turn down your sound if you are at work, but Daniel Radcliffe sat in as the receptionist at Nylon this week.

– Pajiba tackles the Emmy nominations. To wit: “2. The Award for “Shouldn’t That Nomination Have Gone To Timothy Olyphant” Goes to: Jeff Daniels for Newsroom.”

– This is a fascinating and sad piece from Anne Helen Peterson at Buzzfeed about Clark Gable, Loretta Young, and date rape.

– We were really excited to be on Jess Lively’s podcast this week, talking about The Royal We, our work progress, what we’re working on now (you’re reading it) and all kinds of things!

– I’m just leaving you this amazing headline from The Telegraph: Drunk squirrel wreaks havoc at private club

Buzzfeed looks back at the Clueless premiere. There are very few, like, totally important designers being worn!

– This is really neat: The Diaries of Miss Fanny Chapman, “detailed diaries about the fascinating day to day life of a single, 30 something woman who lived with her aunt during the Regency period,” now online.

This is a very interesting bit about a rumor in Star this week about a Jennifer Aniston/Leblanc hook-up, and why the source in question is less than reliable. (Lainey)

– Speaking of hook-ups, also over at Lainey, there is chattering that there may be a Sienna Miller/Affleck thing in the works. I feel like that couple would be a potentially fascinating trainwreck.

– At Maclean’s, this is a wonderful piece about the man who discovered Pluto, and whose ashes just whizzed past it.

– This is a very interesting piece at Eater about food radio.

– On the topic of food, this Jezebel headline says it all: Britney Spears Grocery Shops Like a Teen Whose Parents Are Out of Town

– Do you love Jane Austen? Do you like The Onion? This piece on The AV Club is for you.

– And this is great, at The Toast: The Sequel To Rebecca The Second Mrs. de Winter Deserves

– Jesse Eisenberg needs to…maybe not really talk to people that much. (Celebitchy)

– A PSA from Elements of Style: That is a Shirt, Not a Dress.

– On the topic of shirts, Kim France picks out ten perfect white ones at Girls of a Certain Age.

Esquire brings us the best beards of the All Star Game.


Fugs and Pieces, July 10th, 2015

Happy weekend!

– The Wall Street Journal talks Wimbledon’s strict dress code.

– And the Visit Britain blog has a good post on the history of ladies tennis ensembles.

– Grantland’s Wimbledon coverage continues to be divine. To wit, of today’s Murray/Federer corker: “12. You know how Murray’s wife, Kim Sears, is a professional pet portraitist? This is unquestionably the greatest fact in tennis. I’ve gotten into the habit of charting Murray’s matches based on the pet portraits Kim Sears would paint to capture their emotional turning points. So, like: Murray loses the first set, 5-7: A cocker spaniel is wearing a fireman’s helmet, yet it is raining.

- You want to see this Newsies/”Uptown Funk” mash-up.  JUST TRUST ME. (Cosmo)

- This piece from Lainey about Jennifer Aniston’s new fragrance — NEAR DUSK! Her third! Who knew? — amused me. Also, I have a subscription to People and I was totally unaware of any of these perfumes, which makes me concerned for my own reading comprehension.

– I enjoyed — and did terribly one — this quiz at Eater: Is This a Real Cookbook?

– As Heather said, this story at Blind Gossip IS OUR FUTURE.

– News you can use, via Cup of Jo: How to Keep Wine, for a Day or a Decade

– Huge thanks to Glitter Guide for putting The Royal We on its Must Read list for July!

– The Toast explains how to tell if you are a Mitford sister. (Spoiler: lots of Hitler)

– Also at The Toast: 15 Years of Center Stage: A Personal History

– Relevant to your interests: How To Get The Jane Austen-Inspired Room Of Your Dreams (Literally, Darling)

– The rumor is that Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt have broken up…because he’s in love with Sandra Bullock. I am sad for the demise of a long-term relationship, but I am there for Hamm Sandy (a moniker I read at Jezebel). (Celebitchy)

– Pertinent, over at The Cut: A Celebrity Divorce Expert Tells All!

– This is nifty, at My Modern Met: Photographer Expresses Himself through Creative Suit Combinations. (That’s their headline and it seems very vague. Just click on it!)

– Pajiba says: Laura Prepon’s Scientology Interview Is A Total Bummer

– Ooooh, these are one of my favorite things: 10 Time Capsule Rooms Left Untouched for Decades. (Mental Floss)

– You’ll enjoy this, via Slate: The BBC’s Hilarious 1948 Style Guidelines “On Matters of Taste”


Fugs and Pieces, July 2, 2015

Yes, it’s only Thursday! We are kicking off early this week in honor of the 4th of July holiday here in the United States (and also because half of the world’s celebs are currently on a boat and out of camera range right now, thanks to said holiday). However! I will be covering Princess Charlotte’s christening on Sunday, so swing by this weekend if you get a spare sec. Until then:

– If you are looking for something to read this long holiday weekend, and you haven’t read THE ROYAL WE yet, here is a gentle suggestion that you take it to the beach/pool/BBQ/silent retreat/family reunion this weekend!

– Rumor has it that Sean Penn has moved along to….Minka Kelly. Interesting. (Lainey)

Lainey’s also, of course, all over the Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner divorce. I, on the other hand, am already trying to figure out who each of them should date next. Obviously, we all want Bffleck back with J Lo, for the gossip and the spray tans. I might want J Gar to hook up with Chris Evans. If I can’t have him…

– Grantland’s tennis coverage is grand, and this piece about Federer is no exception: “Ask what it means, in a sports culture whose obsession with legacy and dominance verges on the psychotic, for the greatest player in tennis’s history to have spent half of his career as a kind of Nike-blazered Prospero — still special, still magical, but from his old role atop the game, banished..”

– Watch Channing Tatum vogueing (and other classic dances, all in 30 seconds). DO IT! (Vanity Fair)

Us Weekly‘s 25 Things You Don’t Know this week is Mariah Carey and IT’S AMAZING. To wit: “2. I have an extreme aversion to overhead lighting.”

– Also amazing, in a totally opposite way, from The Guardian, is Kazuo Ishiguro’s essay about how he wrote Remains of the Day. IN FOUR WEEKS. This is old — it ran in December — but someone just send it to me and it’s well worth a look.

– You want to look at pictures of Chris Evans. (Socialite Life)

– Please tell me one of you is going to make this Cake Stuffed With Pie for the holiday weekend. (Thrillist)

– The New York Times looks back at Donna Karan’s career upon her retirement.

– Pajiba’s headline on this story wholly echoes my thoughts: Unless We’re All Being Pranked, Paul Thomas Anderson Is Making a Live Action ‘Pinocchio’ Starring Robert Downey Jr. Like…what?


– The AV Club is right: A supercut of people in movies giving the middle finger is surprisingly satisfying.

Bon Appetit tells us how to have a better lunch at our desks.

– Huge thanks to A Design So Vast for naming The Royal We one of the best books she’s read so far this year.

– Girls of a Certain Age just wants you to win some caftans!

– I enjoy this Yahoo Travel piece about Secret Travel Uses For Common Accessories. (Has auto-play video.) I LOVE travel hacks.

– Here’s your Weekly Hiddletstone. (Celebitchy)


Fugs and Pieces, June 25th, 2015

Happy weekend to all! If it’s hot where you are, may I suggest you take a look at our recent Afternoon Chat about hot-weather meals? Because it is awesome. Elsewhere:

– Today, gay marriage is legal in the United States, and if you haven’t read the final paragraph from Justice Kennedy’s ruling, you really should. It’s quite beautiful. I cannot wait to cry over everyone’s courthouse wedding pictures at my desk!  (Slate)

– We rated the HOTNESS of the dudes at the Magic Mike XXL premiere, for Cosmo.

– This is a GREAT list of good summer reads, and I’m not just saying that because Emma Straub said very nice things about The Royal We indeed. (Brooklyn Based)

– This is likewise great, at Buzzfeed Books: ALL the books referenced in this season of Orange Is The New Black.

– Also at Buzzfeed: Bea Arthur’s Top 10 Strangest Outfits On The Golden Girls

– Let’s look at Taye Diggs in costume for Hedwig and The Angry Inch! (People)

Clueless is twenty years old — almost old enough to legally drink! — and Grazia has given us a gift guide.

– At People: 11 Real-Life Harry Potter Destinations You Can Visit. OKAY!

- All this Rose McGowan stuff is fascinating. Good for her for her honesty. (Lainey)

– As is this piece about how, literally, they replaced Eric Stolz with Michael J Fox in Back the the Future. Some of you will actually know some of this, because I’ve told part of the story herein before, because Christopher Lloyd talked about it in detail at a screening of all three BttF movies that I went to at the New Beverly here in LA, years ago. It’s good stuff, and I can’t WAIT to read that Making Of book. I hope they talked to Claudia Wells, the actress who played Jennifer Parker, who told us at the same event that Stolz’s Method acting was so extreme that he would call her at home at night and ask to speak “to Jennifer,” and it used to drive her mother crazy, because Claudia’s real life sister WAS actually named “Jennifer” and she never knew who the person on the phone actually wanted. (Vulture)

– YES: 10 Best Summer Punch Recipes. I LOOOOOOVE me some punch, which honestly rarely ends well for me. (Camilla Styles)

– Jason Lee’s ex-wife, Carmen Llywelyn, wrote some interesting stuff about Scientology, which she’s disavowed since their divorce. It’s worth a look. (Pajiba)

– Speaking of, at Gawker, for your perusal: A Comprehensive Updated List of Every Celebrity Linked to Scientology

– I cannot think how long this took to write. I BOW DOWN, VULTURE: Every Seinfeld episode, ranked. EVERY EPISODE, JERRY.

– Let’s look at ALL these pictures of Victoria Beckham traveling. (Refinery29)

– How fabulous is Iman — at 60! — on the cover of Vogue Italia? The spread inside is great, too.(Coloures)

– Here’s some scruffy Fassbender for you. (Celebitchy)

– Julie Kent — recognizable to fans of Center Stage, and a great dancer – has danced her last performance after 29 years. (People)

– This is quite a story: British art dealer discovers unknown Monet pastel taped to another work (The Guardian)

– Also at The Guardian, the 10 best independent bookshops in the world, as recommended by readers

– YOU GUYS. They’re making a musical of The O.C.! (Hypable)

– This is always one of my favorite articles of the year: the Minnesota State Fair has announced its new foods.  Deep-fried ribs! Mac and cheese cupcake! Stuffed Italian Meatloaf On-a-Stick ? BACON FUNNEL CAKE. (Pioneer Press)


Fugs and Pieces, June 19th, 2015

Friday at last! Have a successful weekend, Fug Nation, and while you’re waiting for it to get started, enjoy:

– If you’ve read The Royal We – AND YOU SHOULD! — you might enjoy this deep dive into how Heather and I fiddled with actual history to create our fictional Lyons dynasty while still preserving a lot of Britain’s past. Contains a very detailed family tree from Victoria (Queen Victoria I, in our world) to the current Queen Eleanor and chatting about how we killed off a variety of people. (The Lyons men tend to klutziness.)

– Should I watch Poldark? Tara Ariano at Previously.TV makes a strong/pervy case for YES.

— On that tip, at The Cut: It’s Totally Fine to Objectify This Hunk’s Butt

– I also think you will enjoy this: The James Spader Bangability Index. (Pajiba)

– You guys HAVE TO READ the Channing Tatum AMA. JUST TRUST ME, OKAY? (Reddit)

– This is rad: Jell-O Molds and Shrimp Trees: Behind the Insane Vintage Food of The Astronaut Wives Club

The first photos of Lady Ghostbusters are out (not the real title, THANK GOD), and they look pretty good. (Lainey)

– This is an interesting interview with Emma Stone in the WSJ.

– And The New Potato talks to Jackie Collins.

– None of this surprises me: Kim Kardashian used to provide dirt on Paris Hilton to In Touch Weekly (Celebitchy)

– All Things Georgian examines the original “waist trainer” — stays.

This week’s summer cocktail, courtesy of Good. Food. Stories. is a pineapple-chile-beer concoction. Get in my mouth!

– This seems pertinent to our interests: What Did Rory Read After The Gilmore Girls ended? (Book Riot)

The Los Angeles Times wonders what went wrong at The Gap? I present my own exhibit A: they were selling PALE WASH DENIM HIGH-WAISTED GAUCHOS. No one NO ONE goes to the Gap for those.

– SWINTON has opened a school. Cannot we all attend the school of Swinton? (The Guardian)

– Finally, to end on a sober but important note, in the wake of the horrifying, terrible, heartbreaking shooting in Charleston this week, you may have seen this essay from Esquire. It’s called Speaking the Unspeakable, Thinking the Unthinkable, and it’s worth your reading.



Fugs and Pieces, June 12, 2015

Happy Friday! Before we get into it, some housekeeping: Some of you have been asking if you can get autographed copies of The Royal We and the answer is yes! We signed stock when we were in Chicago last weekend, so The Book Stall has a lot of signed copies at hand right now, and will happily ship to you wherever you may be. You can call them at 847 446-8880 to order, or email books@thebookstall.com. (They’ve actually got LOTS of signed books in stock, so take a look at the list and see if there’s anything else you want, too.)

Readers in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, we will have some good news for you on that front VERY SOON.

And on to the business at hand!

– This is fun! NPR wants to know all about your favorite romantic novels for their Summer of Love. (They’re putting together a list of 100 love stories; it doesn’t need to be Romance romance, but can be.) I can’t WAIT to see the list.

–Speaking of love, I love The Toast, and I love this: The Greatest Wedding Group Shot Of All Time Is From 14th-Century Bologna. It’s so brief and perfect. Mallory Ortberg is a genius.

Carolina Herrera is OVER the sheer trend, to which I say, INDEED. (The Washington Post)

The idea of Chris Hemsworth as the receptionist in the new Ghostbusters is so delightful. He’s good at comedy and he’s so likeable and also he’s hot. I decided Ghostbusters HQ is, in my fantasy world, across from GFY HQ and he and our new receptionist (Chris Evans) go out for happy hour on the regular. (Lainey)

– Flavorwire gives us a Classic Book for Every Myers-Briggs Personality Type.

– Speaking of books, School Library Journal asked a bunch of authors and illustrators what they’re reading this summer, and the results make for an EXCELLENT list. (I am not just saying that because Leila Sales name-checked The Royal We — she said, “Bex is one of the best narrators I’ve met in years”! — but that WAS my favorite part, let’s be honest.)

– We were likewise delighted to make Buzzfeed’s list of 29 Best Summer Reads. This is definitely the only time I will ever be on a list with Tolstoy.

– Let’s go to here: Hobart, NY, which The Guardian calls “America’s burgeoning book village.”

– At Bustle: I Washed My Hair With Orange Fanta And It Revamped My Volume And Texture Unexpectedly. Oh my god, you guys. I am totally going to end up doing this.

– I love this story of the man who donated his (dead) wife’s wedding dress to the local charity shop with a note of good luck on it. That’s totally a novel right there: the story of the first couple, and then of course of the woman who buys the dress. Someone get to work on that! (Yahoo!)

Peach sauvignon blanc sorbet? OKAY. (Cup of Jo)

– Jezebel’s interview with OITNB/HTGAWM’s Matt McGorry — about feminism, among other things — is well worth a read.

– Pajiba’s Seriously Random Lists feature always makes me giggle. This week, in the form of  Five Horrible Movie Characters Whom Everyone Still Wants to Bone.

– This is great, at Mental Floss: 12 of the Sweet Valley High Books’ Most Ridiculous Plotlines.  To wit, “Jessica continues to see Jonathan, who Liz has figured out is a vampire based on some books she found at his house. She tells all the SVH kids, and they believe her. When Jonathan takes Jessica to his lair—a cave on the beach—Liz and Todd come to save the day, an angry mob on their heels. Jonathan turns into a bird and flies away. Vampires are real. The end.” WHAT? I missed that one.

– At Celebitchy, they’ve got the Mockingjay 2 trailer. I must confess, I had issues with that book — namely how much of the ending happened off-screen/while Katniss was in a coma or whatever — but the trailer is promising.

Vulture has all the dropped plot points on Pretty Little Liars, so…ALL OF THEM? This in particular made me laugh: “It is very difficult to believe that a man who spent what felt like years spying on four teenagers from various bunkers full of surveillance equipment all in the name of an accurate true-crime novel would be totally fine with letting the pages of his hard work flutter to the ground off a ski lift, all so he could continue to statutorily rape Aria. I’m not buying it, Ezra. Wasn’t your agent mad?”

– At Vanity Fair, this oral history of Clueless — excerpted from As If!: The Oral History of Clueless, as Told by Amy Heckerling, the Cast, and the Crew by Jen Cheney, for which (in the interest of full disclosure) we were interviewed (I am in Clueless [that is a lie]) — is an AWESOME must-read.