Fug File: Fugs and Pieces

Fugs and Pieces, August 26th, 2016

Programming alert! The VMAs are Sunday (we took a look back at its red carpet from 2006 earlier today), so make sure you swing by on Monday for complete coverage. Until then:

– This is so flipping good. Elle had a variety of Emmy nominees perform the “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose” monologue from Friday Night Lights. Sterling K Brown as Coach Taylor is essentially the only thing I need in my life, ever, it turn out:

(At one point, I swear Tracee Ellis Ross is doing Marta Karolyi, also. Plus, I mean, Keegan-Michael Key. And Rachel Bloom! It’s just really good.)

H and I wrote a retrospective of Britney Spear’s most iconic red carpet looks for Cosmo, and it was really fun. Also, in case you forgot: BODY BE BANGIN’. Wow, Britney.

– Also: You’ve got another week or so to take advantage of the Buy Two Get One Free sale that B&N is having on their favorite paperbacks, one of which is The Royal We!

– This is amazing, at Bright Side: Auto mechanics pay homage to the legendary artworks of Renaissance painters

– Also fascinating: Forensic analysis of pigtails to help identify original ‘mutineers of H.M.S. Bounty’ [Phys.org]

– The Cut wonders, in light of Nate Parker’s college rape accusations, Is It Okay to See Birth of a Nation?

– At Mashable, these are fascinating late-1800s photochroms of Istanbul.

– At Lainey: Aw! I also totally forgot these two were married, and I love them together.

– Also at Lainey, is it so WRONG if I want these two to get back together? IS IT?

– Relevant to our interests, at Revelist: 11 times Helen Mirren proved she’s a feminist goddess

– This is a really interesting look at the history of A Star Is Born, at Vulture.

– Really interesting, and highly complex, at Indie Wire: Plagiarism Accusation Ignites Behind-the-Scenes Battle Over Costume Design

– At Pajiba, we get our weekly Jason Momoa. THANK YOU.

– At Fashionista, Amy Schumer joins the ranks of a variety of celebs complaining about how much the Met Gala sucks. Gosh, it’s a shame that you’re legally obligated to attend it!  You know, in fairness, I get that the Met may not be Amy’s jam but that she felt she needed to go for her own PR. And that’s a totally, totally legitimate choice that she made for her career — and guess who got a Vogue cover this year? Exactly. I do not, however, think that it’s particularly necessary to go on Stern (now that said cover is out, and she’s gotten baller coverage from Vogue of her new memoir), and trash the whole thing (and backhandedly insult Alexander Wang in the process). Just…don’t go again? Problem solved!

– At Celebitchy, this is legit a question to which I need the answer:  Did Joshua Jackson & Ruth Wilson have a wine-soaked hookup this week?

And, finally, if you missed a few days here at GFY this week, some highlights:

– Here’s a round-up of all our Olympics coverage!

– We had a great chat about the items we like to buy whilst on vacay.

– We gave Blake Lively the retrospective treatment.

– J Lo baked a pie! She made it nice!

– Chloe Sevigny wore THE CUTEST shoes.

– This is probably the final round of September issues covers.



Fugs & Pieces, August 19th, 2016

I can’t believe the Olympics are almost over! If you’re a super-fit athlete, do you want to just come over and hang out at my house to help me ease out of this? Thanks!

– Via Celebitchy, Taylor Swift gave a million dollars to victims of the floods in Louisiana. Good for her. I hope all our Fug Nationals in Louisiana are safe and dry right now. The Red Cross says this is the worst natural disaster in the US since Hurricane Sandy; they are accepting donations and offer ways to help here. As always, if you are aware of other opportunities to help, please feel free to share them in the comments.

– This piece from Sara Benincasa (at Medium) is great. A man emailed her to ask her why she’s gotten so fat. She takes him to school. (This reminded me of the time someone emailed me out of the blue to let me know that it was quite obvious why Heather was married and I was not. It’s because I lack “sparkle,” if you’re wondering.)

– Eater has an amazing and heartrending piece about women-owned restaurants in South Sudan refugee settlements.

– Oooooh, look at the secret libraries of history! [BBC]

– I was, like, frozen with indecision when the time came to choose a story about this BONKERS INSANITY that Ryan Lochte pulled in Rio this week. In the end, I went with the Washington Post’s take: “Ryan Lochte is the dumbest bell that ever rang. The 32-year-old swimmer is so landlocked in juvenility that he pulled an all-nighter with guys young enough to call him uncle. His story to NBC’s Billy ‘what-are-you-wearing’ Bush had the quality of a kid exaggerating the size of a fish, and notice how he was the hero of every detail. That was always the most dubious, implausible part.”

– I also loved this piece from David Mahoney, on Medium: Ryan Lochte Uses Olympic Spotlight to Bravely Come Out as Total Douchebag. “Lochte considers this a brave new world for douchebags everywhere. ‘It’s cool, bro,’ he said. ‘There’s no need to thank me.’”

– This Buzzfeed longform is one hell of a read: Dee Dee Wanted Her Daughter To Be Sick, Gypsy Wanted Her Mom To Be Murdered

– Apartment Therapy examines a very interesting habit of TV viewers (with a lovely shout-out to us in the process).

– Maureen Ryan’s take on the Amy Schumer/Kurt Metzger palaver is well worth your time, at Variety.

– Revelist counts down the 50 most essential Gilmore Girls episodes.

– You’re going to want to read this interview with Daveed Diggs about personal style. [The Window]

– Over at Lainey, an update on whatever could possibly be going on with Hiddleswift.

– I also appreciate Lainey breaking down whatever the hell happened with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez this week, because I missed the beginning of it and never quite figured it out. (After she posted this, The Biebs took down his Instagram entirely, at least for a bit. KIDS. PUT DOWN YOUR PHONES. MY GOD.)

– It’s a history of synchronized swimming! [Smithsonian]

– Pajiba has informed me that I’m going to chuck it all and join the world armwrestling league.

– Lit Hub tells you How to Arrange Your Kitchen According to Julia Child

– I think you will respond to this piece on Girls of a Certain Age, which is a salute to the enduring appeal of the striped shirt.

– Related: Traveller traces the history of the Breton stripe.

– This is an amazing piece at Elle: What it Really Takes to Get the Perfect Street Style Shot

– Via The New Potato, I’m totally going to make these Strawberry Rose Popsicles.

And, in case you missed it here at GFY, here are some highlights this week:


Fugs & Pieces, August 12th, 2016

Happy weekend! Please enjoy the following:

– Before I forget: The Royal We is currently part of a promotion Barnes & Noble is doing wherein if you buy two of their favorite paperbacks, you get one FREE! I am here to enable you.  Go buy some books! (We were also extremely excited to see that The Royal We was included in last week’s print issue of Entertainment Weekly, as #22 on their list of 50 Best Pop-Culture Pick-Me-Ups!)

– At Fashionista, this is totally relevant to your interests: Fashion History Lesson: How Halston, Levi Strauss and Ralph Lauren Changed Olympic Uniforms

– Also relevant, at Revelist: 17 times Gillian Anderson was better than you’ll ever be

– Sometimes, when the world is too much, I just want to look at pretty pretty pictures — like these Instagrams snaps from around the world, at This Is Glamorous

– Speaking of “too much,” this long-read at Buzzfeed, about the issues Twitter has as a company in fighting their (serious) issues with abuse, is really interesting. I do think that unless Twitter can figure out a way to deal with the massive amounts of trolling that happens on their platform, it will be the end of them. Most people, in general, don’t want to spend a lot of time being abused online, and while Twitter is great in a lot of ways (we love tweeting with you guys, for example), I’ve seen it get more and more negative over the last five years, which, frankly, can’t be great for their business model.

– At Mashable today I learned that everyone in Fiji was so excited about their gold medal game in rugby 7s at the Olympics yesterday — which I watched on CNBC or something; yesterday during the day I watched rugby AND archery AND judo! — that one of their banks closed for half an hour so that they could watch their team win Fiji’s first gold medal ever. Then there was a lot of celebrating and crying, which is as it should be. YAY FIJI!

– At Lainey, I learned that The Rock is basically writing Blind Items now.

– Also at Lainey: I am DELIGHTED that Leslie Jones is in Rio as of today. I wish they’d let her take Al Trautwig’s job.

– I really enjoyed this profile of Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski. She is fascinating, and feisty, and she led a “Pantsuits Rebellion” in 1993. The whole thing is highly quotable, but I particularly loved this bit: “Mikulski remained the only Democratic woman in the Senate for her first six years until the image of [Anita] Hill in 1991 getting grilled by the all-male judiciary committee sparked something of an uprising the following year with the elections of Patty Murray, Carol Moseley Braun, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer. Headline writers hailed it ‘The Year of the Woman.’ Mikulski responded in classic contrarian fashion: ‘Calling 1992 the Year of the Woman makes it sound like the Year of the Caribou or the Year of the Asparagus. We’re not a fad, a fancy, or a year.’” I don’t want to spoil the kicker of this piece for you, either, but it is simply great.

– Over at Pajiba:  What It Means to Be a Difficult Actress vs. a Difficult Actor. The list of things “difficult actors” have done is AMAZING and includes both “ate a locust on the set of Tombstone just to weird people out,” and “repeatedly fucked up lines so Frank Sinatra would have to keep eating cheesecake which he hated.” (Pajiba’s previous piece about unbearable Method acting shenanigans is also really good. Shia DeBeouf’s section alone is BEYOND and why, I think, he doesn’t work much anymore. When Brad Pitt has to move you to another hotel because you smell too badly to stay at the same one as your co-stars…HOW BAD DO YOU SMELL? Well, dear readers, he claimed he didn’t bath for four months. I really really pity hair and makeup and costumes in that instance.)

– At Celebitchy, Ian Ziering claims he’s talking to Hulu about rebooting the real 90210. I was at a live-reading of the DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES episode of said TV show last week, and Charles Rosin was there and was asked about this rumor. He said that Ian is always bringing this idea up and he hasn’t heard anything about it being for real, but I got the impression that he’d be delighted if something came of it. This also seems as good a place as any for me to note that I am concerned about Shannen Doherty’s health, given that her breast cancer has spread. It was nice to see this snap of her and Sarah Michelle Geller together recently. Be well, Shannen Doherty.

– You will enjoy this profile of Christian Siriano at Elle.

– And you will want to read this, at Colossal: Outfits Sourced From German Public Transportation Fabric by Menja Stevenson

– Heather and I were delighted to be part of Read a Romance Month, where we wrote about our favorite romantic comedies. (And shared some behind-the-scenes deets about The Royal We.)

– And, in case you missed anything here at GFY this week, some highlights!



Fugs & Pieces, August 5th, 2016

Happy Olympics Opening Ceremony Day!

– At Glamour: President Barack Obama Says, “This Is What a Feminist Looks Like”

– We were delighted to see The Royal We in this round-up on The Cut of travel essentials. You know I love articles about packing!

– Also at The Cut: Talking to Hillary Clinton’s Hairstylist About Work-Life Balance. Written by Linda Wells, formerly of Allure, FYI.

– This is SO FASCINATING, at Art News:  Remembering When Melrose Place Became a Conceptual Art Project. For example: “To be clear: a fictional character’s fake ad agency gives real publicity to a real museum that is exhibiting the real (secret) art that appeared in the fake world of the real show. The art world has come to increasingly pander to popular culture—the shoehorned appearances of various celebrities in museum programming come to mind—but for a brief moment in the late ’90s, high-brow and low-brow media were seamlessly integrated, to such an extent that very few people even noticed.”

–This piece, at The Guardian, is a ROLLER-COASTER, intense and fascinating: The Gucci wife and the hitman: fashion’s darkest tale. “Even before the impromptu ‘confession,’ persuading Reggiani to remain low-key was a lost cause. One of her first acts of freedom was to go shopping on Via Monte Napoleone – Milan’s Bond Street – decked out in gaudy jewels and movie-star sunglasses, with a large pet macaw perched on her shoulder. The paparazzi couldn’t believe their luck. Lady Gucci, as she used to be known, was back.”

– This Town & Country article is really good, and, ultimately, quite melancholy: Who Was Carolyn Bessette Kennedy?

– At Lainey, hot Joel Kinnaman, for those of you interested in some hot Joel Kinnaman.

– This Keri Russell/Matthew Rhys interview at The Hollywood Reporter is A DELIGHT. I want to be friends with them.

– At Pajiba: The Less than Impressive Working Titles to 30 Memorable Films

– Awwww: 14 ‘Cursed Child’ partygoers share their favorite memories of being ‘Harry Potter’ fans (at Revelist). Those youngsters are mostly charming EXCEPT the woman who tried to finish all the books before her friends did, so she could spoil the endings. That’s a friendship dealbreaker! DON’T DO THAT! Also, I’m really old.

– At Elle: Why Is the Term “Latinx” So Important?

– Over at Celebitchy, your weekly Hiddleston. (Do you still care, or has Hiddleswift killed the love?)

– At The New Potato, this interview with Tamron Hall is really good.

– This week’s recipe, courtesy of Good. Food. Stories., is ROSEMARY APRICOT SHORTCAKES YES PLEASE.

– I really enjoyed, at Jezebel: The Grande Dame Who Collects History in One of New York’s Oldest Homes

– Buzzfeed asks the important question: Can You Guess The Olympic Sport By The Athlete’s Butt?

– Finally, in case you missed anything at GFY this week, some highlights:


Fugs & Pieces: July 29, 2016

The Olympics are a week away, and pressing questions remain: Will Rio be such a disaster that it makes Sochi look like a precious vacation? Will Bob Costas’s eyes catch something? Will NBC remember how to cover the Olympics without neutering both the emotion and the actual sports? (I feel like the only event it handles well is swimming.) Will a member of the Refugee Team win a medal? (PLEASE!)

In that vein….

– I cry every single time I watch it: The defining sports moment of the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta was when gymnast Kerri Strug sealed gold for the Magnificent Seven by vaulting on essentially one leg — and then of course Martha Karolyi helped her off the mat, and Bela carried her to the medal stand. But did you remember that it was so crucial because poor Dominique Moceanu underrotated and fell on both her vaults? The Magnificent Seven have been giving interviews about it, now twenty years later, and your heart will break for poor Moceanu when she remembers worrying that her dad would be mad at her. [Elle.com]

On that tip, in fact, you should watch it and cry with me. The original coverage of the ENTIRE finals — 98 minutes long – is on YouTube, led by… wait for it… John Tesh. I’ll give you the times for the final vaults, so you can skip to them if you don’t have an hour and a half to burn.

Moceanu vaults just after the 1:25:00 mark (Dominique Dawes, or as Tesh says, “Awesome Dawesome,” goes right before that), and then Strug’s first vault is at 1:28:00. Her mother’s glasses are SPECTACULAR YOU GUYS, and the moment they realize she got hurt on her first vault… I start welling up right then. And when she lands on one leg and then collapses, I lose it. That’s not just the Atlanta moment; that’s all-time, right there. What that little girl did… and then you see the swarm of people around as they try to get her out of there, and then the Russians — young Svetlana Khorkina! — start weeping…

This does make me miss a) the 7-person team, and b) NBC’s better coverage, which — amazingly – actually paid attention to the whole event and let the theatrics breathe. NBC has taken all the breath out of the Olympics now and often tips its hand by montaging things or clipping them the way it does, especially with track & field (javelin, pole vault, decathlon… they all suffer). With all its bragging about using its channels, and streaming… y’all maybe worry less about stupid virtual-reality stuff with Samsung and concentrate harder on giving the athletes — not just of our nation but of all of them — their due. THANKS.

Phew. I had feelings. Let’s get to other links.

–  Speaking of the Refugee Team, S.L. Price wrote a beautiful piece about them for Sports Illustrated. The entire lead anecdote is a gut punch. If this doesn’t make you want to open your arms to your fellow man, nothing will. [SI.com]

– A couple people have compiled lists of Olympians to follow on Instagram. This one offers 15; this one, 20. John Orozco is on both lists, but he may not be present, as he hurt himself during training and won’t be able to compete. You probably CAN’T control spoilers on there, though, which is totally why I’m unfollowing USA Swimming and NBC once the Games start. [Men's Journal and Boston.com]

– At Celebitchy, here are your VMA nominees!

– The wonderful Kim France has a great post up on Girls of a Certain Age, in honor of her 2000th post. (I’m not just saying that because of her very kind shout-out to us, I promise.)

– There is a warehouse in Virginia full of patriotic parade floats. Atlas Obscura paid them a visit.

– Have you watched Stranger Things yet? I’m going to watch it this weekend. At Revelist: #WeAreAllBarb: ‘Stranger Things’ fans reveal why this unexpected character won their hearts

– Via Lainey, I am happy to bring you your Weekly John Cho.

– This headline at Washingtonian speaks for itself: Best Job Ever: The Smithsonian Is Hiring a Craft Beer Historian

– A male author wrote a totally condescending piece about two female lit agents who did not swoon over his book pitch; you can read screen shots of it here, to avoid giving that dinkface’s own blog any hits. I think my favorite commenter handle shown is Hello This Is Your Mistake Calling. [In The Inbox]

– This is interesting, at Refinery29: Exactly What Women Spend To Compete On The Bachelor

– At Pajiba, this is really good. Part of their 52 Films By Women series: The Astonishing Integrity of Gina Prince-Bythewood’s ‘Beyond the Lights’. If you haven’t seen that movie, I highly recommend it. Gugu Mbatha-Raw is fantastic in it, as is Nate Parker and — to be briefly shallow, as I often am — also often shirtless and REAL HOT.

– This piece at the New York Times, about young artists currently on display at the Met, will make everything better for you. It is absolutely wonderful.

And, if you missed anything here at GFY this week, some highlights:


Fugs and Pieces, July 22nd, 2016

WHAT A WEEK.  And I just saw the news coming out of Germany — if any of you are in Munich at the moment, I very much hope you and yours are safe.

Everyone, please feel free to pour yourself an entire bottle of wine and distract yourself with the following:

– Liz Meriweather is covering the RNC for Vulture and you guys. Her dispatches are PAINFULLY BRILLIANT. Read all of them, but for sure please read Last Weekend’s Hottest Romance Was the Doomed Coupling of T&P in the Trump-Pence Logo, and You Wouldn’t Understand Melania Trump’s My Little Pony Glimmer Truths.

– At Lainey: Kiki Dunst is directing an adaptation of The Bell Jar.

– Via Deadline, Tara Lipinski is producing a drama for Hulu about competitive figure skaters. I AM IN.

– EXCELLENT. At Revelist: Every ‘Degrassi’ character ever, ranked.

Michelle Obama’s Carpool Karaoke is great. (Vanity Fair)

– You know who else is great? John Cho, in this Vulture interview.

– Via The Guardian, FKA Twigs held a free dance workshop in Baltimore. This whole story is very heartwarming.

Roxane Gay and poet Yona Harvey are writing a comic for Marvel (with Ta-Nehisi Coates, who writes Black Panther) and it sounds awesome. (New York Times)

– At the BBC: WW2 silk escape map dress sold in Harrogate. !!!!

– At Celebitchy, they’re wondering whether or not Hiddleswift will last until the Emmys.

– Speaking of celeb break-ups, RIP (officially, finally) Pacey and Diane. (Vanity Fair)

– At Elle: I Got a Haircut in Every Foreign City I Visited on Vacation. This is very touching and good. To wit: “Even today, when political and cultural differences can once again seem unbridgeably wide, reflecting back on these salons—where fans gently wafted hairspray-scented air, summer light filtered in hazily from the streets, and I was deeply reassured to find that most people are intelligent and kind, when you get to know them a little bit—I feel my heart beat more slowly and my fears of unknown others fade.”

– Over at Pajiba: A Reminder to Anyone Who Thinks Leslie Jones Ruined ‘Ghostbusters’: The Original Ghostbusters Hate You

– At The Ringer: A Close Reading of Kim Kardashian West’s Latest Film: Kanye and Taylor’s Phone Call

– I loved this Top Shelf at Into The Gloss: Betty Halbreich, Personal Shopper, Bergdorf Goodman

– At The New Potato, Isaac Mizrahi is a delight.

– At Vogue: Idris Elba, Day and Night! The Actor on His Off-Duty and Red Carpet Style

- Via Bustle, MY HERO:  An 86 year old woman thwarted a would-be robber using bacon as a weapon.

And, in case you missed any of this week’s highlights here at GFY:


Fugs and Pieces, July 15th, 2016

It’s the weekend, at last. It’s been another difficult week for the world — I long for just one week devoid of tragedy, please, 2016. France, we are thinking of you. (And I literally just saw that something might be happening in Turkey?) As ever, I hope everyone in Fug Nation is well.

In case you need something to read:

– This piece at Harper’s Bazaar — Inside the World’s Chicest Cult – is SOMETHING. ELSE. For example: “At the end we aren’t allowed to leave for lunch until we have a proper group hug. We all pick and choose what we believe, but what I thought about with my dry eyes as women cried over tree reparations was that the oppression of fairy folk is pretty far down my personal list of priorities for getting the world in order.”

– At Lucky Peach, Nineteen of Roald Dahl’s Most Important Food Inventions

– At Esquire: The Greatest Celebrity Conspiracy Theories of All Time

– Lainey takes on Jennifer Aniston’s recent op-ed piece.

– I laughed out loud at the headline on this Racked piece: Choker Watch 2016: How Long Will They Still Be a Thing?

– In the run-up to the Olympics, an interesting story from the AP: In China, ‘Happy Gymnastics’ replaces grind of strict study

– Related, at The Gymternet: Gymnastics Hair: A Retrospective

– At Celebitchy, ALLEGEDLY the Jen Garner/Bffleck divorce IS off. We were JUST talking about this and my thought then was that this was just idle gossip, but now that Us Weekly AND People are touching it…Oh, Jen. I don’t know. I just don’t know.

– The Four Seasons Restaurant is closing forever tomorrow, and Town and Country put together a slideshow of archival photos. It’s neat — from vintage menus to Princess Anne.

– Relevant to our interests, at Pajiba:  Ranking the Men of Jane Austen By Swoon Factor

– At The New Potato, a salute to the bold lip.

In case you missed anything here at GFY, some highlights: