What a week! The Critics Choice Awards were Sunday, the Emmys were Monday, and I am tired! We also brought you a full slate at Drinks With Broads: We hosted an Emmys live thread! All subscribers got our take on the weekend’s awards shows; paid subscribers got a lengthy, multi-part screed about phone games, their ads, and why Gardenscapes are such LIARS. Also, random shit I’ve been influenced to buy on Insta. We also started recapping Traitors!

Don’t forget to vote on best and worst dressed at the Emmys!

An amazing story at Texas Monthly: The Juror Who Found Herself Guilty. There is a moment in this that I would describe as jaw-dropping. It is tremendously well-done; I cried.

This is very good, at Vanity Fair: Cary Grant and Randolph Scott’s Hollywood Story: “Our Souls Did Touch”

Ask a Manager is running an entertaining series about “strangely dramatic reactions at work.” Here’s part one!

This explains a lot. Hollywood is currently suffering A GOWN SHORTAGE, thanks to all the insane amount of events shoved into the same few weeks. [THR]

I have to quote Lainey about the new J.Lo project directly: “This is already so chaotic and corny, I can already tell you that I love it and will watch it at least three times.” Same.

NY Mag explains who they think you should root for in the NFL playoffs. (My team lost last weekend, but my fiancé is a lifetime Packers fan, so that’s where my household’s rooting interests are currently.) As ever, Will Leitch is funny.

It appears the BAFTA nominations were somewhat wack. [Lainey]

Suzanne Somers may be haunting her Palm Springs house but it’s actually very sweet. [LA Mag]

Pajiba reports on The Rapid Rise of Reneé Rapp.

I’m not going to buy this chair, even though it would look great in my dining room, but I AM going to ADMIRE it. (affiliate link]

Interesting: Adventure travel is a growth industry thanks to women over 40. [WaPo, gifted link]

Vanity Fair wonders, Is Barbie in Oscar Danger? It’s definitely not gonna win any big ones, IMO.

The New Yorker offers: “Trials of the Witchy Women: Across seven centuries, women have been accused of witchcraft—but what that means often differs wildly, revealing the anxieties of each particular society.”

Really fun at We Have Notes: 25 TV Cast Reunions I Need in My Life

Good and useful, at The Stripe: What to Bring to a Dinner Party. (I usually just bring wine! It’s good to mix it up. The candy cigarettes idea is a stroke of genius. [Depending on your audience.])

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