Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. Wait, wrong intro: Happy Friday and welcome to this week’s Fugs and Pieces. I hope you’re thriving, wherever you may be. If you’re prepping for a Super Bowl party on Sunday, don’t miss this week’s Afternoon Chat about snack foods! Also: We’re hosting an open thread chat during the game over at Drinks With Broads, so if you want to yammer with us about the half-time show, the ads, or the game (we DO care about the game), come on by!  As a note: This week marked our first year of Drinks With Broads and we want to thank everyone who’s subscribed so much. It’s a tough time to be in media and your support has literally kept the doors open for us. Also: It’s been SO FUN. We appreciate you!!

Speaking of, this week at DWB: We ran down what happened at the Grammys, had a fun and rollicking open chat during the show and red carpet, recapped a BANGER episode of Traitors, dove deep into an episode of Feud that I felt was a mess but an interesting one (with loads of Wiki sidebars), and tackled the question of Zac Posen landing the head job at The Gap (??!?!!) whilst also once again having to tell Justin Timberlake to shut up. Lots of content this week!

And on the topic of the Grammys, you can catch up on all our red carpet coverage here!

Lainey has gotten me kinda hyped for this Usher halftime show. (For me, Usher is a person who I think I’m neutral on, but every time I hear an Usher song, I’m like, “this is a jam.”) I’ve also been singing “Yeah” all week because the NFL Network has been playing it on a loop, and that channel is on in my house often.

Oooh, I didn’t know Becks was embroiled in some Messi drama. (I didn’t intend that pun but I like it.) I need to note that I love their Uber Eats ad and want an audio file of the Beckhams cooing “we love Jessica” as my ringtone. [Lainey]

I already own a shirt very much like this but don’t I need one in another color?!?!?! [Anthro, affiliate link]

Super interesting, at Vulture: Why Maestro Became the Oscar Villain (and Oppenheimer Didn’t)

Speaking of the Oscars, this is great news: The Oscars Will Introduce a Best-Casting Oscar, Following Years of Outcry. And, not for nothing, this one is going to be really fun to discuss. [Vanity Fair]

More good news: Donna Karan New York Is Reuniting Iconic ’90s Supers for a Major Relaunch. [InStyle]

This headline made me laugh: “Britney Spears Claims She Once Made Out With Ben Affleck, but Totally Forgot.” Who hasn’t? [Socialite Life]

Very interesting, at The Ringer: “Who Was ‘the Old Kanye,’ Anyway? It’s been 20 years since Kanye West released ‘The College Dropout,’ a landmark album littered with clues about the person he was perhaps always destined to become.”

We discussed this Ask a Manager letter recently, so I thought you’d want to know that we have a new chapter in the saga: Update: men are hitting on my scheduling bot because it has a woman’s name.

Do I need square toed ballet flats? Do you? [J.Crew, affiliate link]

Here’s something new (and interesting) to worry about: She Ordered an Ashtray and Got a Can of Tuna. [NYT, gifted link]

I enjoyed reading this: Meet the man who has tasted everything on the Cheesecake Factory’s ridiculously long menu. I love an occasional visit to the Factory. First of all, you can order a glass and a half of wine. THAT IS PERFECT. [LA Times]

Amazing: Meet The Eight Celebrity Lobsters Of Biddeford, Maine. [Defector]

This is fun, at Eater: Forks, flames, and fromage: How to throw the ultimate fondue party.

On the topic of food, I have STRONG FEELINGS about this: “What’s the Best Bacon? We Tried Oscar Mayer, Smithfield, Whole Foods, and More.” They did not taste-test my own personal favorite bacon!! This is meaningless without Farmer John!! [Bon Appetit]

Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images