Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you’re nice and cozy wherever you are — unless you’re in the opposite hemisphere, in which case I hope you are cool and breezy.

Last Sunday was the Golden Globes, and you can catch up with all our red carpet coverage here. This upcoming weekend is JAM-PACKED; Sunday is Critics Choice Awards, and Monday is the Emmys. No rest for us and fun content, I hope, for everyone! We’ll have all the red carpet looks on GFY Monday and Tuesday, and Drinks With Broads will cover the shenanigans in Tuesday’s (free!) issue.

Speaking of DWB, in case you missed it, we had a robust and fun live chat during the Globes, took a look at the The Best, the Worst, the Most and the Least from the 2024 Golden Globes (that’s a free issue), and then yesterday had a big fat paid subscribers issue covering awards bait movies, the Museum of Neon Arts, Godzilla, and future recap plans. (We’re doing Feud AND Traitors. These recaps are for paying subscribers, as are the live chats, so now is a great time to get a lot of bang for your $5 a month/$50 a year!)

We had a really fun chat here about what we’d all wear to the Oscars if price and logistics were no object.

Speaking of coziness, I rounded up a bunch of cute new cardigans, in case you need one!

ELSEWHERE! This is interesting and logistics-y: How ‘Ferrari’ Sourced $70 Million Vintage Cars to Create Authentic Racing Sequences. [Variety]

Vulture asks: What Is a Bradley Cooper Film?

Fascinating: An Antique Dress Held a Secret: A Coded Message From 1888. [NYT, gifted link]

This is…insane and yet also of course. At Ask a Manager: Men are hitting on my scheduling bot because it has a woman’s name.

Lainey explains why that Penelope Cruz SAG nomination actually WASN’T that surprising. (You can see all the noms here.)

This is a hell of a story: The Clash Over a Secret Tunnel Under a Synagogue on Eastern Parkway. [Curbed]

This is so interesting. (The Krasinski/Blunt one is DERANGED.) At Lainey: The Lipreading Epidemic of 2024.

Celebitchy asks Are Stanley cups worth the $35 to $45 (and up) price tag?. This entire thing about the Stanleys is DERANGED to me. It’s JUST A CUP!

Pajiba reports Kelsey Grammer Wants Shelley Long To Return As Diane In ‘Frasier’ Reboot. I’M SURE HE DOES. I cannot imagine this will actually happen.

This headline is funny and this article is good. At Eater: The Yassification of Lactaid.

I’m so jealous of you Brits who can use SPICE GIRLS STAMPS!! on your mail. [The Cut]

This is rad: Diana Ross is the new face of Saint Laurent. [Fashionista]

COOL: Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Egyptian Tomb and Stunning Trove of Artifacts. [Smithsonian]

Bon Appetit brings us An Opinionated Ranking of Canned Tuna Brands.