Fug File: Fug or Fab

Fug or Fab: Emma Stone in Chloe

She’s in Paris for this Magic in the Moonlight premiere. Is this crazy ugly, or is it sort of… French-charming?

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[Photos: AKM-GSI]


Fug or Fine: January Jones in Boss

Strangely, she almost looks more like Renee Zellweger than Renee Zellweger does anymore.

January Jones

I almost think that hair alone, for not being all Snap Crackle Pop, could have pushed her into Emmys Best Dressed territory (which, by the way, we TOTALLY forgot to resolve; we will post the winners this week, we promise!). It’s not a super noteworthy coif, but it’s gentle enough not to have been distracting. Ah, what could have been. ANYWAY: The gown here is fine, very gently styled, with a nifty shimmer to it – but also, it’s kind of a visual shrug, no? The sartorial equivalent of throwing up your hands and saying, “Eh, I’m tired, let’s just do this for now and next time we’ll REALLY try to find something.”

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Fug or Fab, Helen Mirren

I personally ALWAYS believed that Helen Mirren could do anything, but now “anything” has expanded to include, “cook scrambled eggs at a photocall.”

[Photos: PCN]


GQ Men of the Year Awards Fug or Fab: Pippa Middleton in Hugo Boss

Do you think it makes Ol’ Pips sad that most people would probably rather see her sister, or do we think she’s just happy for Kate and enjoys not having quite such psychotic levels of attention focused on her? I mean, she’s certainly still getting invited to all the good stuff, but no one is lurking in her bushes or digging through her rubbish bins looking for her prescriptions or flying over her house trying to take pictures of her baby.

And she was invited to his GQ thing, although she appears to have arrived sans Dreamy Bounder Boyfriend Whom I Suspect Is Bad News (so sue me, I want happiness for Pippa). Let’s look at her dress:

Pippa Middleton attends the GQ Men Of The Year Award at Royal Opera House in London

The color is very,  very pretty, but I will never understand why she has a tendency to go for Sad Lady Mary hair at these things. And it’s not as fabulous from the front as it is from the side:

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GQ Men of the Year Awards Fug or Fab: Lindsay Lohan in Balmain

Between Lilo and Kim Kardashian’s Kollected Hits, I am beginning to wonder what Balmain’s people are thinking:

GQ Men Of The Year Awards

Are they thinking, “let’s take this incredibly expensive dress and put it on a Noted Hot Mess or a Lightening Rod for Internet Hatred and see how that goes for us!!!?” Because I feel like, as far as brand planning goes, that seems…let’s just say bold. (The truth, of course, is that I fully believe Kim could and does buy her own Balmain if she wants it. But Lindsay isn’t paying for anything, including, from what I’ve heard, her own bar tab. Which means someone gave this to her. Which means WHO and also WHY and also please email me at IGotBalmainToAgreeToThisBecauseI’mMagic@gofugyourself.com and tell me everything, if it’s you. Is it you, #SaveMatt?? PLEASE CHECK IN.)

And yet you may have noticed that I am putting this to a vote.

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I’ll Be There Fug You: Jennifer Aniston in Saint Laurent

It doesn’t feel like SHE particularly cared about this, does it?

Jennifer Aniston

It’s a serviceable black blazer and a sparkly boob shelf. It’s basically date night gear for when you feel bloated. And it makes her look hunched and slouchy — and, for someone who seems a little sensitive about her iconic hair, her current cut isn’t doing it for me. It seems tired. Maybe all of her is tired. I have seen WAY WORSE, but I have also been way more inspired.

Speaking of which, for all the hype around it, I wasn’t that impressed with the reunion of the Lady Friends on Jimmy Kimmel. It was predicated on one of those frustrating bits where you know the actor isn’t actually surprised to be presented with this oddball thing to do, but prolongs the ruse for ages… and ages… and ages… and the whole thing became about Jennifer Aniston complaining that Kimmel’s Friends fan-fic was bad and making faces and rolling her eyes, which is what she was clearly ASKED to do, but… zzz. What did you think, Fair Fug Nation? Was it a wasted segment? Did it make you want a real Friends reunion? Personally, I’m not sure I really NEED one, because it might bum me out if it didn’t WORK. And as much as I think Matt LeBlanc is a silver fox now, I think Joey Tribbiani needs to stay forever young.

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