Fug File: Fug or Fab

Fugs and Fabs: Everyone Else at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

There were a LOT of women at this event who are wearing a version of that great white lace dress Kate wore in Australia (which is apparently available at the end of the month,if you’re in need of one). And also a lot of cute wedges and sunglasses.

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Fug or Fab or Unfug It Up: Sarah Hyland in Bec & Bridge

I love the look on her face here. It’s like, “aw, shit, I’m still in my gym hair, aren’t I? I knew I’d forgotten something.”

Sarah Hyland at the Los Angeles Maleficent Premiere (1)

Okay, about this look: I have thoughts. And they are that I actually kind of like it — it’s way more adult than she often looks, and that’s a fun change — but I’m dying to style it differently. I think it needs, especially for this event, extremely bitchy shoes. You know what I mean. You totally have a pair of bitchy shoes in your closet. I like to wear mine to meetings where I think it might get contentious and I’ll need to storm off in a fit.

What are your thoughts?

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Fug or Fab the Cover: Katy Perry on Cosmo

Apparently, Katy Perry is on every cover of Cosmo this month, all over the world — Cosmo has a bunch of them here; it’s interesting to see which countries get a totally different look, and which have similar covers to the American one, so take a look if you’re into that. I would love to be in a cover meeting just to hear what goes into the decision-making process. I do remember talking to Kim France once, when she was at Lucky, and she told me that non-smiling covers just never sold. I wonder how ones where Katy Perry might be trying to hex you do:

Very sultry! At first I thought she was wearing a hotpants romper and I was all, “oh, KATY.” But now that I know it’s actually a VERY VERY short dress, for some reason, I think it’s rather cute? I don’t know: when you’ve seen a woman wear a bra that shoots firecrackers out of her nipples, you can’t really be shocked by a crotchtacular sequined number. I’m more weirded out by the fact that the holes near the neckline make her look like she has eyes where her armpits are, like she killed a very festive dragon and made it into a dress. That’s not actually a complaint. It’s commitment to a look, though.

How does it grab you?

[Cover: Cosmo/Matt Jones]


Fug or Fab: Milla Jovovich in Chanel

Milla is one of those people whose face you can count on to sell pretty much anything:

Even a tank dress that appears to be breaking out into hives of newsprint.

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Fugs and Fabs: The World Music Awards Red Carpet

There was an intriguing melange of celebrities at this event. I am not sure why Nina Dobrev is going to the World Music Awards, although her presence is always welcome. PLEASE let the answer be, “Nina Dobrev recorded a dance album that was a huge hit in Luxembourg last summer.”

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Fug or Fab: Florence Welch in Vilshenko

Ultimately, I think the Heidi braids are a bridge too far:

Florence Welch (1)

And I don’t get the shoes. In short: The styling is confusing me in a big way. And I hate being confused. It makes me hungry and I have no good snacks at the moment. That’s not even getting into the fact that the dress itself seems to be teetering on the edge between Charming and Costume, although I like the pattern in a “Great Surprising Lining for the Inside of Your Coat” kind of way.  God knows, she’s pretty good at pulling off the Costume-y — she might even be doing it here, frankly — but let’s just say I have concerns.

Tell me about your concerns:

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