I really want to like this dress, because the floral part has a very pleasant, smart-casual cheer to it. But whatever that overlay is… it seems to be cut differently than the other part. But subtly. Obviously the hem is longer, but looking up to the bodice, it’s off by a couple degrees in what feels like a sloppy way rather than Imprecise, But Make It Fashion. It gives it a two-tiers-down look — not just Forever 21, but the stores that knock off Forever 21 which knocks off the runways.

She as a HUMAN has been very smiley lately and I wonder if she’s hopeful that Vox Lux will be good enough to get her some awards attention so that she finally can go on a trophy tear while NOT pregnant. I wouldn’t blame her. First Black Swan and then Jackie, hugely pregnant both times. She might be ready for some awards glam that has a defined waist.

Here’s the trailer:

Could we in for a pop-star showdown between Natalie and Lady Gaga?!? I’d be HERE for that.

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock]